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Relaxation techniques for stress

Exercise and stress reduction

1. Exercise relaxing, which allows for a better understanding of your own body and checking the condition in which it is found. This separation allows the outside, from which in the middle. Mastering this skill, then the desired entry to ensure that other exercises to combat stress, could be effective. Learn how to transfer your attention from what is external to internal.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Focus your attention on the outside world. Follow what is happening around you. That they saw more items and think about them. Then close your eyes, calm breath. Listen to the sounds that you arrive: the smells, the ambient temperature.

Then shift your attention to your own body. Slowly examine them. Carry out its various parts. Feel how your body touches the ground on which it is located. Check if you growling stomach. Listen to your heart rate. Now move to change its attention again to the outside world, every procedure.

Relaxation technique II

Lie flat on your back with a pillow under his head. Do not connect the legs. Spread them apart slightly. You can close your eyes. Relax the muscles of the face, jaw. Relax your abdominal muscles. Breathe calmly and rhythmically.

Put one hand on the abdomen, just below the sternum. Put his other hand on his chest. Slowly and quietly pull the nose air, as far as possible, but without effort.

The hand you are holding on the abdomen, during inspiration should rise to the top. The hand that is on your chest should not move.

Slowly and quietly, Let all the air through the slightly open lips. Let the air out gently, without tension. The hand you are holding on the abdomen, should fall.

Repeat inhalations and exhalations. Relax your arms and hands. Breathe rhythmically.

Relaxation technique III

Lie flat on your back with a pillow under his head. Do not connect the legs. Spread them apart slightly. Put hands along the body, wrists returned to the floor. You can close your eyes. Calm breath. Silence is.

Slowly and quietly move your attention to different parts of your body, thinking of them with care. Further loosen the muscles. Start with the head and face.

Relax your forehead, the muscles of the face, jaw and tongue. Talk to yourself in your mind:

I relax to wind down, relaxes.

Descend progressively lower. Feel the weight of your body. The warmth and tranquility that begin to disperse after him. When you feel complete, pleasant relaxation, calm return to reality. Slowly and gently open your eyes and slowly and gently sit down and get up.

Be sure to secure a peaceful place where no one suddenly hinder you during this exercise.

Relaxation technique IV

Stand or sit comfortably. Imagine that you are a cat gradually with wake up from sleep. By stretching the whole body from head, to the tips of the fingers, slowly, gradually and methodically stretch every muscle, every sinew of the body so that you feel longer.

Tension can accompany you yawn and sigh. Especially nice is stretching right after waking up.

However, if during the day you feel a stretch, drag as well.

Relaxation technique V

This exercise allows you to relax neck and neck.

Stand so that you have plenty of space around them. Through the eyes of imagination to see how your nose turns into a brush. An imaginary canvas, start to paint the symbol of infinity.

Please try again, this time shaking his head the other way.

After this movement, write your name, the end of the nose, looking left, looking right name. Write or draw anything you like.

Remember: do everything very slowly.


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