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Constipation children

Constipation in children causes and treatment

Chronic constipation is a condition in which bowel movements are less frequent than once every three days, and the consistency is hard. Defecation accompanied by rectal pain that causes fear of passing stool. Excessive overflow of residual fecal colon causes abdominal pain.

Causes of constipation in children

May be different. The most common, however, include improper diet and lifestyle. A diet that promotes constipation is a poorly-residual and poorly-soluble:

  • few vegetables, fruits, coarse bread and contains too little fluid, and meals are served intermittently.

Constipation favorable lifestyle: too little or deprivation of movement (immobility), and psychogenic disorders situational stress, such as the start of classes in kindergarten or school, or inadequate sanitary conditions (eg. not be closed boxes in kindergarten toilets, lack of tissue paper for a short time on defecation ).

Constipation also predispose to acute inflammation pending around the anus, as inflammation of the perianal and anal fissures.

Constipation is also accompanied by damage to the spinal cord birth defects and anus. There may also be a metabolic diseases, endocrine and genetic, as in hypothyroidism and adrenal cystic fibrosis. They can also be caused by problems with psychoneurological in the course of cerebral palsy and mental retardation syndromes, eg. In Down syndrome.

Note! In a healthy child psychological factors play a significant role in the production of constipation. These include abnormal hygiene training: too early, or linked with unpleasant feelings for the child, blasting on the potty, as well as the deliberate withholding the child's bowel movements (defecation) for long periods of time away from home.

Defecation reflex may also be weakened by the long-term, poor diet poorly-residual, an insufficient amount of fluid and traffic cones abuse.

Note! Next to the real constipation, constipation may also occur alleged that occurs as a result of too little food (baby starved).

Treatment of constipation in a child

First of all requires recognition of the cause. The first step is usually a change of diet and lifestyle and, in accordance with the recommendations of physicians, the use of drugs that allow the proper emptying of the bowel and the return of physiological reflex defecation.

Note! In rare cases, anatomical surgical treatment is necessary.

As in many other areas of disease prevention, it is important to prevent the perpetuation of constipation. Stool child, preschool and school also should be from time to time visited by their parents.

You can then observe irregularities:

  • its consistency too hard;
  • mucus;
  • fresh blood;
  • undigested food particles, and even parasites (roundworms, pinworms and tapeworms fragments).

Therefore, the so-called old-style toilets. racks are preferable, from a health point of view, because the stool stops on the shelf, not falling straight to the sewer, as is the case in sedesach new type.


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