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Snoring relief

How to deal with snoring?

Snoring is not only a nuisance for the environment, but it is first and foremost an alarm, the breathing is impaired.

What will help you solve the problem?

Sleeping on your side instead of your back

The position that you take during sleep, has a huge impact on the quality of night rest and does snore.

Warning! When placed on the tongue falls backward to the rear and blocks the flow of air. Then it's easy for snoring. Much safer to sleep on their side or stomach.

How to cope?

If you have a strong habit of sleeping I am back and find it hard to change, you can try underlay the back of a high pillow. Then the language will not be so much fell and snoring should be weaker.

Less caloric diet every day

If you are greedy .... then the message will you not be happy. Fighting and snoring is also a dietary renunciation. You must eliminate from the diet foods that promote weight gain, resulting in the accumulation of fat around the chin and neck.

How to cope?

The first step is to give up sweets and snacks, fast food and sugary sodas. To move more, eg. A daily walk for long walks (preferably briskly).

You snore? Avoid the use of stimulants

Experts confirm that drinking (and smoking) contribute to snoring because it causes the muscles in the throat and airway constriction. In addition, the toxins contained in cigarette smoke cause inflammation The narrowing throat.

Warning! Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes especially at bedtime.

Special slices and throat sprays to reduce snoring

Additionally, you can help with special preparations (buy at a pharmacy without a prescription) that help reduce snoring. These include sprays for spraying the throat and the flaps, which are glued overnight.

Warning! If there is no improvement, consult a doctor otolaryngologist. It can arrange for example. Treatment in the nose or throat, which will improve the construction of the upper airway and allow breathing at night.

Take care of hygiene nasal

When the nasal passages are clear, it is easier to undisturbed air flow. While the residual discharge (caused eg. infection or allergy), forced to mouth breathing. This encourages snoring.

How to cope?

Ensure proper temperature (18-21 deg. C) and humidity (40-50%). This will help prevent drying of mucous membranes in the nose and a possible cold.


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