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Natural cleanse

Autumn detoxifying body treatment

If you get tired quickly, easily upset, tyjesz, then clean the body of toxins. Improve your mood, drop weight and you will have more energy.

Toxins in the body

They are almost everywhere: in automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, food. Interfere with our body, they increase the risk of chronic diseases and slow down the metabolism (therefore gain weight).

Warning! Once every two or three months perform the detoxification treatment. For a start gradually remove the menu fast food, sweets, meats and red meat, limit drinking coffee and opt out of alcohol. Cleanup start the weekend (when the body gets rid of toxins, can be weakened). The basis of the diet should be raw and cooked vegetables, wholemeal bread, small amounts of fruits and fermented milk drinks (kefir, yogurt, buttermilk).

Beets in detoxification

They are a rich source of potassium, fiber and betanin, which owe their color. Beetroot has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cleansing.

Warning! On the detox eat at least 3 small bulbs (or one large) or drink up 2 cups of beet juice daily.

Kefir, yogurt naturally detoxify the body

They will give you the lactic acid bacteria that improve bowel function, thereby removing toxins and undigested remains. Contain valuable, easy to digest protein and calcium that speed up metabolism and help burn fat.

They are a source of vitamins B1, B2 and niacin, which accelerate metabolism, improve immunity and strengthen the nervous system.

Warning! Drink a glass a day.

Apple in detoxification

Apple distinguished by the presence of insoluble and soluble in water (a characteristic of pectin). They absorb toxins like a sponge, and then - like a broom - clean the intestines of toxins and undigested food remains.

Warning! Also support the work of the liver and pancreas. On the detox eat at least two apples a day, preferably raw, unpeeled.

Green barley detoxification

Young, dried and powdered corn is a source of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and folic acid. It strengthens the body and deacidification it also inactivates free radicals. It also operates an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, supports the work of the heart, aiding weight loss.

Warning! In the morning on an empty stomach drink a drink with 2 teaspoons of green powder and 150 ml of cold water.

Purifying drink with watermelon seed

1/8 cup of watermelon seeds pour into a jar and pour boiling water. When the brew cool down, drain pits and the liquid drink. Use 2 cups of tea daily for 10 days.

Drink cleanses the body of toxins and is helpful for prostate problems and bladder.


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