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Lungs after quitting smoking

Cleanup lungs after quitting cigarettes
Cleansing the lungs after quitting smoking is rather lengthy and extremely difficult process. In fact, it depends not only on the amount of toxins, which remain in the lungs, but also ciliary dysfunction responsible for the purification of the lung.

Bariatrics weight loss

Bariatrics helps in weight loss
What is obesity, and for what, dangerous to life and health consequences can result? Is obesity can be treated, and if so, how? Find out how the treatment of obesity, which is bariatrics.

Digestive enzymes benefits

Digestive enzymes
To carbohydrates, proteins and fats are absorbed must be decomposed with enzymes into simpler components. Amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase, respectively decompose the starch, protein, fat, fiber and lactose.

Pineapple diet weight loss

Pineapple to lose weight
Did you know that pineapple has an enzyme to accelerate the digestion, so when you eat it, you lose weight faster. That is why pineapple is used in weight loss diets and in the fight against cellulite.

Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet to lose weight
Watermelon contains practically all we need vitamins and minerals. Most has the vitamins A and C. It consists of about 40% of the total fruit. In addition, there's some pretty big amounts of vitamin B6, folic acid, thiamine ...

Psoriasis head

Psoriasis head - how to deal with it?
Smooth skin and beautiful, strong hair is synonymous with health and perfect appearance. Therefore, the first symptoms of psoriasis are many people like a sentence, especially when there are in a conspicuous place, such as the head. With this disease can, however, fight and effectively, it is important, but consistency.

Wrinkles on neck

Coming into existence of wrinkles on neck and neckline
Many women commits the same error in care - intensive care for the face, while neglecting the neck and neckline. And there is nothing that betrays age like appearance and hand was neck and neckline.

What is a face lift?

A face lift - what is?
Each of us certainly would like to enjoy the beautiful and young appearance for many years. However, with the passage of time, our body and facial features change and become visible signs of aging.


Diet MIND - the most important principles
Diet MIND, bears interest by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, not only improves memory, but also successfully used in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.

Effects of smoking cigarettes

The effects of heavy smoking cigarettes
In the twentieth century, there was a significant increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. They are recognized as a problem of civilization. Causes of course, can be many. Poor diet, genetic load, obesity, but also addictions.

Carbohydrates and weight loss

Are carbohydrates help in weight loss?
If you tried to lose weight once you are sure you read on the internet that you should avoid carbohydrates. Is it true or just a myth? Read on and find out the impact of carbohydrates to lose weight.

Juicing and weight loss

Juicing helps in weight loss
Not invented yet the only right way to lean. It seems, however, that mankind strides in the right direction, grabbing his head at the thought that a few years ago dominated fasting. Today, fortunately, we focus primarily on healthy eating, so the sooner we should reach for the freshly squeezed juices.

Colon hydrotherapy weight loss

Hydrocolonotherapy way to lose weight?
One of the side effects of colon cleansing is weight loss. It is not usually high, because of only 1 to 3 kg at one time wash, but it is sufficient to treat multiple hydrocolonotherapy treatment as a panacea for weight loss.

Food for sick toddler

How to arrange a diet for a sick toddler?
Diet is very important, but sometimes still underestimated element of treatment. For diseases short helps recuperation, and chronic disease is often of large, if not critical.

Stuffy nose relief

Stuffy nose - household remedies
Even the annoying runny nose can get rid of by simple home methods. They help you not worse, than the drops from the pharmacy, and will be more gentle to the body.

Chia seed diet plan

Chia seed diet for weight loss
Chia seeds are the ideal product for, people who want to lose weight without the fear that they run out of micronutrients. They take care also about beauty: smoothes the skin and will add luster to hair.

What to eat before working out?

What to eat before and after your workout?
What you eat is very important not only for your health, appearance and well-being, but also affects your performance, strength and endurance during training. Therefore, when strenuous exercise is very important a balanced diet. So what to eat before and after exercise?

Apple cider vinegar and weight loss

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss
Apple cider vinegar has a very beneficial effect on humans. This results in better absorption of sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, and improves the concentration of the fraction of "good" HDL cholesterol. Suppresses appetite. It is very helpful for weight loss.

Weight loss balloon

Gastric balloon weight loss
Gastric balloon for treating obesity is a method that does not require surgery or drastic drug therapy. It is used in people who have different dietary or pharmacologic agents do not bring results. By reducing the volume of the stomach, decreased appetite and satiety is triggered.

How to rejuvenate your skin?

3 non-invasive ways to rejuvenate the skin
It is natural that with age the skin loses elasticity, and facial wrinkles appear. This is due to reduced production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity. However, we can stop this process and fool the time, minus a few years. And, note, without surgical intervention!

Mesotherapy hair loss

Mesotherapy for hair loss
Healthy and shiny hair is a dream for many of us. For both women and men, hair is an important part of the look. It's easy and fast to change its image through eg. change the color of hair and hairstyles change, but it is difficult to contend with the problem that is hair loss.

Excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss - how to fix?
The average person loses throughout the day about 100 hairs. This phenomenon is quite natural and should not arouse in us anxiety. The problem occurs when starting their fall much more - about 150-200.

Cryolipolysis treatment

Cryolipolysis - weight loss without the risk and effort
A balanced diet and physical activity are proven ways to lose extra weight. But what about people who have done a number of activities, and the dream figure is still beyond their reach?

Why eat fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables - why eat?
From an early age we learn virtually everywhere on the important role of fruits and vegetables in our diet. Still, we eat too few of them, which in turn becomes a cause of poorer health. It is clear that remind you of the special role of the presence of fruit and vegetables never too much.

Healthy snacks list

5 healthy snacks, so that certainly did not gain weight
Maintain appropriate calorie balance is the most important thing for weight loss. You can not afford the high derogation, because you can easily exceed the predetermined threshold energy.

Healthy vegan smoothies

Delicious and healthy vegan smoothies for every event
Are you planning to organize a party for guests? Do you want to give something original and delicious? I recommend three delicious cocktails - nutritious, energetic and very tempting. Fig, mint, a date, with vanilla, with cloves, with almonds, cocoa - which will you choose? I would recommend a high dose of positive energy.

How many meals a day?

How many meals a day should eat?
Many people are asking - how many meals a day should eat? It has to do with the growing fashion for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. If anyone dreaming of a healthy body shape should very carefully consider the title question.

Healthy gluten-free food

Gluten-free food
Life on the gluten-free diet has its pros and cons. However, it does not exclude people who can not eat products with gluten from normal life, because healthy gluten-free food is becoming increasingly common in the food market.

Almonds and weight loss

Almonds for weight loss
Obesity is often a long-term issue that affects people of all age groups. If the popularity of television programs, schools and various types of weight loss diet pills is any indication it can be assumed safely that America and the European Union have this big problem.

Motivation to lose weight

How to get motivated to lose weight?
Some people want to lose weight, but they often lack this motivation, especially if this is yet another attempt at weight loss. Being overweight interferes with daily life. We can feel it ugly, unfeminine, unmanly.

Hormones of happiness

Endorphins - natural hormones of happiness
Endorphins (natural happy hormones) are produced in the pituitary gland. Under their influence, you feel euphoric and improves your mood. Goes fatigue, floods you wave of optimism, the problems are not so big. It improves even the memory. He just wants to live :)

Can thyroid problems cause hair loss

Hair loss in thyroid diseases
The weakening of the hair or baldness occurs in many ailments. Usually it indicates a lack of some substance in the body necessary for the proper condition of the scalp and hair follicles. Any longer or serious disease or condition of reduced immunity may result in deterioration of the condition of the hair.

How often should i wash my hair?

Washing hair - how often?
The basis of hair care is their washing. It is often for us as a mechanical activity that you do not wonder exactly how it should look like. However, by the fact that they regularly wash your hair should adapt the rite to our needs.

Starving to lose weight

Is starving is good for weight loss?
It seems that to lose weight you need to eat less. Some treat it radically and conclude that it is best not to eat anything. But is it really a starvation diet is a good way to lose weight? Learn more about fasting and their application in our guide. We invite you to read.

How to breathe correctly?

Proper breathing and well-being
It has been calculated that during the day, each of us carries approx. 20 000 inhalations and exhalations, an average of 15-16 times per minute. Ignorance of physiology and persisted for years bad habits mean that most of us breathe incorrectly, using part of the lung capabilities.

Abdominal pain after eating

Abdominal pain after eating  - why after eating stomach hurts?
Abdominal pain is preferably induced smooth muscle contraction, which occur eg. In the intestine. When you tease mainly after eating a meal, or the cause may be stress, poor diet, but also a variety of disorders and disease states.

What causes gas and bloating?

Herbs for gas and bloating
Causes accumulation of gases in the intestines can be many. Starting from eating meals in a hurry, by poor diet until after a serious illness. The gases can accumulate in the intestines because they eat too greedily, for short chew mouthfuls of food.

Night eating

Night eating - effective ways to night snacking
You are a person who suffers from rampant night apatite and do not know how to control it? First of all you need to determine what causes these attacks of hunger.

Gluten-free diet weight loss

Gluten-free diet for weight loss
You are on a low calorie diet, you eat regularly, drink a lot of water, you are active, and yet the weight is in place? The problem may be gluten, which sometimes just enough to get rid of the diet, to finally begin to lose excess weight.

Symptoms of dry eye

Dry eye symptoms and treatment
Bloodshot eyes, feeling the sand under the eyelids .. it may be called. dry eyes. In this disorder the surface knobs are too few hydrated, and it promotes the development of inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea.

What causes migraines?

Causes of migraines 
Migraine suffers in this country of about 4 million people. More than 80% of them are women. Still we are not known to cause the appearance of this pain. According to neurologists most migraine pain is due to malfunction of the blood vessels in the brain.

Acai benefits

Acai berry benefits
Acai berry has enormous antioxidant potential. The research proved that contain much more highly active antioxidants than red grapes and up to 30 times more than red wine.

How to have a better memory?

Diet for a better memory and concentration
Not all food products will serve our brain. Which choose?

The most important for brain are protein and good carbohydrates. The best source of protein is lean meat. Avoid fatty meats, as contained in their cholesterol damages blood vessels and impairs blood supply of the brain.

Skin lesions

Skin changes Most often these are changes that are called moles: the skinin one place meet a lot of pigment cells (melanocytes). They are harmless, but you have to watch them, because of a harmless mole can develop melanoma, malignant skin cancer.

Signs of colic

Colic - why do you get?
Colic in the middle of the abdomen Growing for many hours, and pain in the middle of the abdomen is one of the symptoms of acute pancreatitis. It can wrap the waist and radiate to the back or increase from one side. There are also nausea and fever.

Iodine and thyroid

Iodine - why do we need?Iodine is an important nutrient in our daily diet, the daily should itself provide. With it you can avoid many health problems. We need to thyroid function and, consequently, the proper metabolism, intellectual function and emotional balance and a good appearance.

Hand beauty tips

6 easy ways to beautiful hands They are our calling card. It is worth giving them as much attention as the facial skin. How to take care of the healthy look of hand?

Sleepiness after eating

Sleepiness after eating - what does it mean? After eating a meal you feel tired or full of energy? If you have eaten lunch, you want to lie down for a few hours to bed and sleep, then I would think why is this so?

Is coffee good for health

Coffee good for health

Coffee is full of powerful antioxidants Your body is constantly under attack by molecules called "free radicals" that can damage proteins or DNA, and therefore very important cellular structures.

Chronic constipation remedies

What will help constipation?

Constipation is NOT your fault ...Causes of constipation may be different ... In fact, how many people in the world much more or less similar reasons for constipation, but generally the reason is one. And what's more ... It's not your fault that you have constipation. I'm serious! It's the world around us has changed and my body could adapt to this.

Eat flowers

How to eat the flowers?Flowers can not only decorate, but also enrich your menu. Certainly not surprise you to eat cauliflower, broccoli, and yet these are the edible flowers.

Weight loss soup recipes

Weight loss soup You are on a diet and give up eating the first course dinner? You're making a serious mistake. Daily consumption of soups causes that the body gets about 100-200 calories less than when they themselves refuse.

Fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables in meals How and when to eat fruit and vegetables?Fruits and vegetables are invaluable sources of vitamins and minerals. They should form the basis of our diet and be a part of each of the recommended 4-5 meals per day.

Cholesterol eyelids

Cholesterol in eyes Excess cholesterol can be revealed not only in the study of blood, but in the form of skin changes. In the inner corners of the eyes may appear clumps of yellowish white color.

Clean lungs

How to clean the lungs? Coughing does not always mean infection, because in this way the body wants to clean up. You do not realize how much pollution each day seep into the atmosphere, and then along with the inhaled air - to your lungs.

Water test for eggs

Test the freshness of eggsEggs are high in protein, so every day they can replace meat in a bid to dinner. Yolks use as a base for sauces, creams, cakes, cocktails and desserts, and protein loosens great baked goods, and added to the minced meat mass unites like glue.

Spring solstice

Is it spring solstice? When spring arrives, your body is weakened and I find it hard to switch to a vigorous activity. Changing weather and juices pressure does not help the situation, because most people are meteopathy (people who are overly sensitive to weather changes).

Dr Ornish diet

Dr Dean Ornish dietOrnish diet beats records of popularity overseas. It is hardly surprising. Diet developed by Dr. Dean Ornish allows you to quickly lose weight(5 kg a month), improves the test results (dramatically lowers cholesterol) and, best of all, it does not require fasting or calorie counting.

How to properly brush your teeth?

Proper brushing teethOral hygiene start brushing, flossing then do, and at the end - mouthwash liquid dentist.

1. Set the brush at an angle of 45 degrees. Some endings bristles should almost come to the sulcus, thus also it is well cleaned.

Healthy breakfast foods

What's healthy for breakfast? People who start the day with millet, drink less coffee.
10 unusual properties of millet 1. De-acidification of the body. Acidification often leads to the development of diseases such as allergy, asthma, atherosclerosis, arthritis, stomach ulcers, and even cancer. It cleanses the deposits and toxins after antibiotics and other medicines.

Food pyramid 2016

The newfood pyramid The foundation of the pyramid is physical activity. Even if you ate healthily, a little move, do not avoid obesity, which leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Sleep wrinkles

What will help wrinkles sleepy? That's right, good night sleep very well affect the beauty. But if you sleep on your stomach or on the side of the watch! You may find that for 6-8 hours a night of rest are working on wrinkles!

Acne in adults

Problems with adult acne Pimples and blemishes are usually associated with adolescence. Meanwhile often they do not fade away with final exams or master's degree, or start to harass people in their thirties.

Fructose intolerance diet

Fructose intolerance - causes, symptoms and diet Healthy you eat, you eat fruits and vegetables, but still you feel bad? If ever you are struggling with problems such as bloating, diarrhea, headache, abdominal cramps and gas, you may be suffering from fructose intolerance.

Diet online

How to choose a diet online? After entering the phrase diet online Google shows 13 700 000 results. A lot, right? :) Scammers missing, so how this maze of offers to choose something worthwhile, what to slim not only our wallet? Here are some practical tips.

Fastest way to lose belly fat

What diet to lose weight belly? For slimming the abdomen is responsible not only proper diet but also physical activity. Slimming diets should include carbohydrate products, dairy products and vegetables. Each of us dreams of a flat belly, but it is worth to read important information that will help you achieve this.

How to have slim legs?

How to get slim legs? Every woman wants to slim legs. Woman looks better when you have slim legs. Men often focus on the upper body, while women are more interested in their own feet. Women's legs look best when they are covered with a thin layer of muscle.

How to cure a headache?

What will help a headache? By reading this short article you will learn: - Why do you hurt? - What are the benefits of pain - how to resist the pain amplifies it? -How Immediately reduce the pain? - How in a few minutes completely get rid of the headache?

Natural remedies for colds

How to deal with the common cold? An antibiotic will not help if the virus attack us, and even weaken the body alone trying to fight infections. Weakness, chills, slight sore throat, general breakdown, dry cough, frequent sneezing, is the first symptoms, the body needs quick relief.

Sauna detox

Cleansing the body in a sauna Is sauna is a luxury and luxury, or maybe rational choice? How to hit it and if you can have it at home? Read about the secrets of these hot spots and learn how to help remove toxins from the body.

Effects of a poor diet

Poor diet It is true that the radical weight-loss diets are fattening and cause disease. A serious mistake is starvation, such a diet usually lead to yo-yo effect. There are also a burden on the immune system.

Onion diet

A healthy onion diet For many people onion is a good remedy for flu and colds. As it turns out, onion helps in weight loss as well. Using diet onion, you can effectively lose weight.

Candida diet foods

Candidiasis diet This insidious disease. Candidiasis gives non-specific symptoms that are difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to cure. Fortunately, you can stop it using antifungal diet.

Easy food to digest

Easy to digest foods In recent years in particular have become popular healthy nutrition. As a primary factor in the proper metabolism are considered to supply the body with foods that are high in fiber.

Sources of lycopene

Healthy lycopene Often in the context of articles on healthy eating shows the name of lycopene, which is considered one of the strongest antioxidants. What exactly is lycopene and where can I find it?

Fevers in children

How to help your child with a fever? With fever in adults and adolescents you can easily cope thanks to tablets antipyretic, but in younger children is sometimes quite a challenge. There are a few ways that enable you to master the rising temperature.

Indigestion in pregnancy

Indigestion in women who are pregnantIndigestion can not be downplayed, but I do not need to immediately go to the doctor. However, there are situations in which the symptoms of indigestion should prompt us to visit. Speaking mainly about children and for pregnant women.

Laser treatment for cellulite

Laser for celluliteCellulite is not aesthetic affliction. Besides, as any defect of the skin. Emerging lumps and bumps are not a source of pride. On the contrary - rather cause complexes. Therefore, all women are seeking ways to enable them to crack down on this condition.

Strengthen immune system

How to build natural immunity? The arrival of cold weather, a lot of amplitude, less sun, the beginning of exposure to the test of our resilience. A strong immune system is healthy, and in the case of infection, shorter and milder its course.

Fall asleep

How to take care of restful sleep? For a good night's sleep, you need no less and no more than 7 hours of sleep. Avoid spending time in bed longer than 8-hour day, because it can aggravate the problem of insomnia.

How to stop hair loss?

Herbs for hair loss Herbal extracts that have a therapeutic effect for the whole body, may also be used to keep hair in good condition. The anti-hair loss treatment includes extracts from horsetail, rosemary, birch and nettle.

Homemade acne mask

Natural mask for acne Mix equal parts plain yogurt and honey, then add a little powdered zinc (can be thoroughly crushed tablet). Leave the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

How to naturally lower blood sugar?

Natural ways to reduce sugar

Tea with the white mulberry helps lower blood sugar Breakfast and dinner to drink tea from white mulberry, which is a plant discovery in recent years. It has been shown that it promotes the conversion of carbohydrates in the body and thereby contribute to normalize blood sugar levels.

Problems with nails

What problems with nails? Some people really care about nails, while others do not care for this at all. Regardless of whether we are in favor manicure or not, you should seek help as a result of brittleness, discoloration, wrinkles or fungal infection nails become ugly.

Acne in pregnancy

How to deal with acne during pregnancy? Do not expect that your acne attack in such a beautiful for you in life. Well, because've had a grow pretty and flourish, and do not walk around with pimples on his face and rashes on the back. But it's hard, it happened.

Herbs for insomnia

How herbs are best to treat insomnia? Thing you absolutely need to check for problems with sleep, are herbs. Even the ancients knew the healing properties of herbal infusions and boldly using their advantages.