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Almonds and weight loss

Almonds for weight loss

Obesity is often a long-term issue that affects people of all age groups. If the popularity of television programs, schools and various types of weight loss diet pills is any indication it can be assumed safely that America and the European Union have this big problem.

This seems surprising message, because many people put a snack other than nuts, because of their high fat and calorie contents. Research conducted by a group of scientists led by Dr. Michelle Wien have shown that almonds can help in losing weight because it is "thick" of nutrition.

You have to remember that a well-nourished body is not asking for food. If someone leads an unhealthy diet, the brain sends signals of hunger to the body, which causes uncontrollable appetite and result in weight gain.

As almonds help in weight loss?

Regular eating almonds can break this cycle. They can effectively satisfy your appetite, and the same person feel "fuller". These nuts contain monounsaturated fatty acids (monoenes), protein and fiber, which also helps to minimize the sense of hunger.

As a rich source of protein, almonds seem to be a good alternative to red meat and eggs. Research shows that 30 grams of almonds contains nearly the same amount of protein as a percentage of lean meat. What makes almonds deemed to be healthier than the meat is rich in fiber.

Food with high fiber can successfully prevent the absorption of fats and calories. Wien says that fiber binding fats and thereby prevents it from attaching to the intestinal wall and is scrubbed.

Almonds comprise oleic acid (monounsaturated, said). It is commonly found in olive oil and greatly reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

Studies conducted at the University of Toronto showed that people who consumed at least 30g of almonds a day observed a significant reduction in "bad" cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

Almonds rich in vitamin E

All nuts, but especially almonds are very rich in vitamin E, which has a cleansing and plays a key role in the prevention of heart disease. Just one ounce of almonds a day provides about 40% of the daily requirement for this vitamin.

Research is also conducted to confirm that almonds have also protect against the development of cancer. The phytochemicals found in nuts are biologically active compounds that effectively prevent the formation of tumors.

Nuts like as a food providing many health benefits, not just those associated with the properties of weight loss benefits of almonds.

Cauliflower salad with feta and almonds


1 small cauliflower 800 g | 1 package of feta cheese 250 g | 75 g flaked almonds | 1 carton yogurt Greek or Turkish, about 220 g | half a bunch of dill | salt, pepper

1. Cauliflower with leaves and purify gotujmy until tender in salted water for about 13 minutes, covered, over medium heat.

2. Cooked cauliflower drain off the water and leave in a sieve or colander to drain. After cooling, we divide the cauliflower into small florets.

3. On a dry frying pan toss almonds and prażymy them until golden.

4. Fete cut into cubes, rinse and chop the dill.

5. Once cooled translate the ingredients into a bowl and mix.

We pour them yogurt, season with salt and pieprzem.Sałatka should be more "bite" in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.


  1. This is true - almonds are very nutrition!!! We just need to be careful how much we eating them (bacause they are rich in calories). Let's don't be greedy and eat handfull only:-) Great recipe, I will definetely do it!!! Thank you for sharing.


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