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Symptoms of dry eye

Dry eye symptoms and treatment

Bloodshot eyes, feeling the sand under the eyelids .. it may be called. dry eyes. In this disorder the surface knobs are too few hydrated, and it promotes the development of inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea.

The causes of dry eye

These problems can be associated ... with the weather, because when the outside gets cold start and warm the room air in the environment becomes dry, and this favors drying, not only the respiratory tract but also the eyes.

Warning! High temperatures and low humidity causes faster evaporation of tears, which are not appropriate pace replacing with new ones.

Our eyes do not make it the best wind. And there are other disadvantages, such as. working at the computer (and too fast blinking) or staying in smoky, rarely ventilated areas.

Dry eye syndrome can also be associated with hormonal changes that accompany menopause, because when the levels of estrogen reduces the natural production of tears (not stimulate the hormones).

Also, certain pharmacological agents can cause dry eye syndrome, e.g. .:

  • oral contraceptives middle;
  • cardiac drugs (so-called. beta-blockers);
  • medicines for hay (decongestants mucosa);
  • antidepressants;
  • antihistamines (also sold without a prescription);
  • sedatives.

Warning! If someone uses contact lenses, it also can promote dry eye syndrome - because lenses absorb a part of tears.

How do you help with dry eye syndrome?

It is from time to time consciously blink. It will also help the frequent closing of the eyes for 10-20 seconds (at least 5 times a day).

Do also exercise: open, cover the eye with his hand, and then stare at approx. 30 seconds into the darkness (in the greatest relaxation). Then several times wink. Close the eye and repeat the exercise.

During the work you do a break and get out into the fresh air. But clearly perceptible relief will bring a longer walk.

An effective way to get rid of the ailment is also proper nutrition. It is recommended to consume the products with a high content of vitamin A (eg. cooked orange, yellow and green vegetables), and further drinking glasses of milk daily food yoghurt, curd and cheeses.

It is also good 2 times a week to reach the oily sea fish (eg. herring, mackerel, sardines, salmon).

When to see a doctor?

If you do not feel improvement, go to an ophthalmologist, who by means of a special device will measure the amount of tears. In case if it turns out that there are not enough, may order the use of so-called. such as artificial tears. drops.

They should not, however, contain preservatives, no can cause sensitization. Your doctor may also close (for a time) the so-called. lacrimal points. This increases the quantity of tears in the conjunctival sac.


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