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Sleep and weight loss

Lose weight while you sleep

It sounds like a dream - you eat what you want and lose the weight without any sacrifices and problems. What's more - all this is happening in a sleep.

Diet Dr. Pape, whose name comes from its founder, an internist Dr. Pape promises that we are able to function normally and do not need to starve your body to lose weight.

With an appropriate choice of food will lose weight during sleep. Moreover, such weight loss is natural for us and the health of the woman or any man can only benefit from that.

Principles of diet Dr. Pape

The main goal of the diet is the consumption of breakfast, lunch and dinner according to individual biological clock.

The main goal of the diet is the consumption of breakfast, lunch and dinner according to individual biological clock.

Diet Dr. Pape is generally to adjust the diet by taking meals at appropriate times. For breakfast, we supply our body thus only carbs - but in large quantities. Do not eat protein.

Excluded from the portfolio diet as dairy products, meat and dairy products and eggs. You can eat for any bread, rice, pasta, cereals, cereal but no milk or yogurt. During dinner - on the contrary, we give up carbohydrates. We drink herbs.

In this diet it is very important to observe your biorhythm, which is different for each of us and adjusting rations to him during the day. The diet works by special hormones and adjust food intake, the human biological clock. Of course, Dr. Pape encourage regular sports because it mobilizes fat burning.

The fact is that every person has his own very biorhythm, stronger and less time during the day and at night and it is certainly different in each of us. Psychology of each of us is also very different. Control of hormones responsible for fat burning, certainly it is not new. But usually they are stimulated hormones that are produced during exercise and they are responsible for burning fat.

Therefore, the diet Dr. Pape is very individual - as unique as every human biorhythms. It should also be taken into account, according to biorhythm at certain times, prepared meals.

What are the disadvantages of diet Dr. Pape

Practicality is certainly not an advantage of this diet because not everyone can afford eg. food at any time in the office. Not everyone can also go for a nap at 13:00 pm even though our biorhythm demands it.


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