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How to quit smoking and not gain weight?

How to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is a difficult and demanding willpower. Many people are afraid, too, that the positive effects of not smoking does not compensate for the sudden weight gain.

Better to be urgent, attractive woman than a non-smoker fat suit - argue often women. but do you ever quit smoking must be associated with weight gain?
Let's face it - actually giving up smoking are more prone to weight gain. Often those who have successfully got rid of nicotine addiction, and end the fight with cigarettes with a few or a dozen! pounds in the black.

Hence the miezy other harmful myth about weight loss effect of cigarettes. However, cigarettes nei-reducing body weight. If nei you smoke, it's reaching for the cigarettes will not help you lose weight. Weight gain is rather a side effect of quitting smoking cigarettes. How to avoid it?

Why giving up smoking gain weight?

There are several reasons. First of all, ridding the body of your daily servings of nicotine interferes with the functioning of the digestive system. The result is constipation and bloating, which many people mistakenly take for signs of topping at fault. Besides craving willing to overcome, reaching for a tasty snack. Compensate mechanism at work here - if I can not catch fire, eat cake.

It should also know that cigarette smoking is not only a physical addicted, but also a series of rituals us psychologically addictive. Smokers often complain that after the withdrawal of cigarettes do not know what to take his hand. That's why so willing to take them reaching for snacks and treats. Thanks to this mouth also are busy and it is easier not to think about the cigarette.

It should also know that smoking impairs the sense of taste. This is because after about six weeks without cigarettes, we start all tastes (and smells!) Feel more intensely, we pay a greater attention to the flavor nuances and differences. Not surprisingly, that appetite is nice as ever! Bled, which makes a person throwing smoking gain weight is also ... the belief that quitting smoking is overweight.

People throwing burning immediately apply so radical diet that has them protect against gaining weight. Effect? Nei body can withstand such a test of willpower - to deny yourself and cigarettes and meals usually end up attacks hunger and evening snacking. This deregulate metabolism and in the long run conducive to weight gain.

How not to gain weight when you stop smoking?

Regular meals

If you quit smoking you need more than ever to pay attention to the regularity of meals. This ensures that your metabolism is normalized and avoid sudden attacks of hunger. Regular meals also reduce the risk of reaching for unhealthy and high-calorie snacks. Particular attention is paid to food taken away to work. Take care of light salads and healthy sandwiches, which you satisfy afternoon hunger.

Healthy and low-calorie snacks

If you quit smoking, your desire for biting anything between meals increases. It is normal that you have to keep busy hands and mouth. It is important to reach for things healthy and having a small number of calories. Example? Raw vegetables and fruits. Beware of dried fruits and raisins - they have lots of calories, but they look inconspicuous. This also applies to nuts. Although, of course, better to eat 1000 calories in nuts than cookies! Watch out also for the type of light products, because they often have much fewer calories than their full-fledged counterparts.

Physical activity

Movement is healthy, and if you throw burning, also additional protection against overweight. Why? First of all, if you start to move, any excess calories consumed each day will be offset by increased energy expenditure. In addition, physical activity and exercise taking time, and so it is easier not to think about smoking. Besides, when eg. you're swimming or exercising at the gym and so nei you have a chance to light a cigarette, and so the temptation is not there. It should also know that traffic speeds up the cleansing of the body from nicotine and recovering full fitness and health.

Herbal support

Quitting smoking is often associated with constipation, Prevent them drinking herbal infusions improving digestion. Great in this role works well green tea, which - in addition - is a great and strongly acting antioxidant, and therefore helps to repair the destruction caused by smoking cigarettes.


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