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Sauna detox

Cleansing the body in a sauna

Is sauna is a luxury and luxury, or maybe rational choice? How to hit it and if you can have it at home? Read about the secrets of these hot spots and learn how to help remove toxins from the body.

 Scandinavian specialty or Roman fog

The room without windows and with tight, but safe in emergency situations, a special stove heated door - it was a sauna. The biggest career did in his native Finland, where for every five residents fall statistically two of the cabins.

Saunas can be one of the rooms in the house (even in an apartment block!) Or separately standing cottage, and the heat can produce wood-burning stove or electric. About arcane build its own sauna you can read in almost every magazine building - no vintage without some extensive articles on the subject.

Not everyone knows that in addition to the Finnish sauna - warming-up to a temperature of 60 to over 100 degrees Celsius, there is also a Roman sauna - in the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. The difference is also in humidity - Finnish sauna does not exceed 20 percent, when in Rome billow clouds of steam - the humidity in these "cooler" cabins exceeds 80 percent!

State of the art, however, are infrared saunas - instead of the oven, the flesh patients infra-red heat lamps. Thermal energy reaches the deep layers of the skin, warms muscles and joints, favoring biological regeneration of the body.

Purifying power of saunas

The sauna helps you sweat out a few liters of water, and with it - the toxins accumulate in the body. It is a myth sauna slimming effect, because fat is not removed from the body and weight loss should catch up, drinking a lot of water. It is true, however, that the sauna, intermittent cold showers, helps to combat cellulite, which attacks the skin especially for poor blood circulation.

Soak the whole body results in the secretion of endorphins, hormones known as happiness - because sauna helps to combat stress and tension. Screenings also are recommended to people suffering from rheumatic pains, seeking to toughen the body or defeat of respiratory disease.

The contraindications are however heart and circulatory disorders, infectious diseases, and skin diseases. Away from the sauna should also hold those who suffer from claustrophobia or panic attacks. In the case of concerns or doubts, or stay in the sauna serve the health, it is best to consult a doctor.

Where's the health?

Perhaps you do not even know that the sauna is somewhere near you. Sprouting like mushrooms after the rain spas and wellness centers, fitness - even some swimming pools - this is the place where a really small fee you can go to the sauna.

Screening takes about twenty minutes, you can repeat it, taking breaks. In the sauna there are benches on several levels - the higher we go, the hotter the air will surround us. After completing the screening should be complemented by loss of water - is the best drink mineral water at room temperature.

People who are afraid of cold baths surprised by the fact that after leaving the sauna temperature will not feel cold shower - it's worth reaching for the 'interlude "to increase the effectiveness of visits to this very special place!


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