Signs of colic

Colic - why do you get?
Colic in the middle of the abdomen

Growing for many hours, and pain in the middle of the abdomen is one of the symptoms of acute pancreatitis. It can wrap the waist and radiate to the back or increase from one side. There are also nausea and fever.

Warning! The disease is often the result of negligence cholelithiasis.

What will bring relief?

You have to completely abstain from eating (you can drink a small quantity of water). Sitting, hunched posture.

Warning! Go to the doctor - because of the risk of complications. Report to the hospital in case of dizziness, shortness of breath, accelerated heartbeat, cyanotic lips, sweating, weak palpable pulse, confusion, anxiety.

Colic high on the right side of the abdomen

Sudden and severe pain in the right upper abdomen radiating to the shoulder and between the shoulder blades may be biliary colic, especially if it occurs after eating a large meal.

Additional symptoms include:
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • sweating;
  • anxiety.
Their cause is obstruction by a gallstone the bile duct drainage.

What will bring relief?

  • antispasmodic agents (eg short-circuit. drotaverine or hyoscine) and
  • analgesics (eg. paracetamol or Metamizol) - of pharmacy without a prescription.
Warning! Go to the doctor, even if symptoms subside same - you need to confirm the cause. Report to the hospital, if any of you: fever, chills, persistent vomiting, pain increasing during deep breath and oppression. These symptoms may indicate complications of gallstones.

Until pain or on an empty stomach, then follow a low fat diet, as it contains a lot of fiber (eg. in wholegrain bread).

Colic the left side of the abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen can be caused by excess gas in the large intestine (the so-called. splenic bend of the colon) - eg. after eating foods that cause bloating.

There are nausea, bloating.

What will bring relief?

  • herbal infusions (infusion of fennel, mint or chamomile);
  • warm compress on your stomach;
  • circular abdominal massage;
  • lying on his stomach;
  • easily digestible diet.
Warning! A visit to the doctor is necessary when symptoms recur and show a more serious cause. Report to the hospital in case there were coffee-grounds vomiting or tarry stools.

Colic on right hip

If initially spilled pain quickly locates to the right, it could be appendicitis. It is characteristic that intensifies when coughing and movement, and when you stop pressing the abdomen (called. Blumberg).

Other symptoms include:
  • aversion to food;
  • elevated temperature and
  • nausea and vomiting.
The cause is obstruction of the appendix by the content of food, which is supported by, among others, diet low in fiber.

What will bring relief?

Lying on your left side with your legs curled.

Warning! Report to the hospital right away, because the appendix must be removed surgically. Do it as soon as possible in case of a sudden, very severe injury with a knife-like pain, and when the stomach is hard, there is a cold sweat, you have shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat.


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