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How to rejuvenate your skin?

3 non-invasive ways to rejuvenate the skin

It is natural that with age the skin loses elasticity, and facial wrinkles appear. This is due to reduced production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity. However, we can stop this process and fool the time, minus a few years. And, note, without surgical intervention!

If you want to restore elasticity and radiance of your skin, you should use one of the following methods (and preferably all three):

First, suitable skin care creams

Namely - those that contain rejuvenating substances such as folic acid (vitamin B9), which contributes to the renewal of skin cells. Stocking up on sunscreen, you should also look at whether it contains retinol (vitamin A), which reached the deep layers of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and accelerates the peeling of the skin, which reduces wrinkles.

Warning! Creams with retinol are best used at night to avoid irritation of the skin by sunlight.

Secondly, peeling skin herbal

For deeper wrinkles, and acne scars or will be invaluable herbal scrub. It is used here only natural ingredients - herbal mixture, by which is performed a light massage. Thanks to this operation, the skin peels off, which reduces wrinkles and removes calluses.

However, while the appropriate treatment creams can be used alone at home, so much in terms of peeling herbal best to go to a proven beautician. Depending on the skin, it selects the appropriate blend of herbs, and the frequency with which the treatment should be repeated. For mature skin, the best treatment will be applied at least twice a year - in spring and autumn, which will significantly rejuvenate the skin.

Thirdly, no-needle mesotherapy skin

With deeper wrinkles and changes in facial contours both of the above methods may not be sufficient. Therefore, undoubtedly the most effective treatment is a no-needle mesotherapy - a completely non-invasive procedure, a favorable skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and fat. Using an electromagnetic wave absolutely does not hurt - it can be felt at most a slight tingling. Electromagnetic pulses reach the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulating cells to produce collagen and elastin, so skin looks healthier, it is more oxidized, firm and smooth.

With all of these treatments is the most important regularity. Creams, rejuvenating treatment should be continued for two weeks, herbal peeling for mature skin at least twice a year, and needle-free mesotherapy is recommended to be repeated at least four times for ten days after the first treatment. Mindful of these principles, you will enjoy the beautiful, healthy and younger by a few years complexion. And most importantly - all of these treatments are not only painless, but also ... very pleasant.


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