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Homemade acne mask

Natural mask for acne

Mix equal parts plain yogurt and honey, then add a little powdered zinc (can be thoroughly crushed tablet). Leave the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

The mask perfectly soothes acne complexion and makes the face look radiant. The mask is so delicate that it can be used even daily.

Acne will go alone, you do not have to treat him

It's a fact that acne is not dangerous for your overall health, but it always goes above and acne. If it is not treated can tease years. Acne is not just a problem with the skin, it also affects the overall frame of mind and self-esteem. Therefore, it should not be downplayed and treatment is the most desirable.

Cosmetics treat acne

Contrary to advertising and popular belief, taking care of the skin through the use of antibacterial cosmetics for acne does not bring much effect. On the contrary, frequent washing of the skin potent leads only to the fact that the glands produce more sebum.

Too strong measures do not help acne prone skin. A much better solution is to choose a gentle washing gel. It should also have a tonic without alcohol and a light moisturizer.

There are many anti-acne cosmetic, but only some of them are effective. These are mainly prescription drugs. These include: tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene.

The first results can be expected only after 6-8 weeks of treatment. It is also safe to try natural home remedy for acne.

The sun cures acne

Sun actually brings improvements, but only 60% of people with acne, and this improvement is only temporary. For 20% of the sun does not give any positive results, in the remaining 20% comes even to the deterioration of the skin (especially in people with hyperhidrosis).

Sunburn makes skin imperfections and inequalities are less visible. The final result is, however, only excessive drying of the skin which may cause clogging of sebaceous glands, which leads to the development of the comedones.

Frequent washing the face helps in the treatment of acne

Washing your face too often - 3-4 times a day causes drying and irritation of the skin. Too frequent washing does not reduce sebum, but stimulates the sebaceous glands, which begin to produce more sebum and thus contributes to the formation of acne. The best face wash 2 times a day. For washing do not use soap, but gentle cleansing gels.

Disinfecting acne helps treat alcohol

Disinfection acne alcohol makes created wounds after which are unsightly scars. Besides alcohol very irritating to the skin. It can not be used with sensitive skin!

Squeezing acne lesions accelerates healing

Squeezing acne makes them longer to heal and can be followed by visible signs. It is often difficult to refrain from squeezing acne, but you have to fight it.

Regular facials to the toilet helps in the treatment of acne

Mechanical cleaning the toilet stimulates the skin to create new blackheads. In modern cosmetic surgeries move away from this treatment for mild skin cleansing, eg. ultrasound.

Acne is caused by poor diet

Many people say that some of the products consumed exacerbating acne, but nobody has proved. No study has shown that eating chocolate, fatty foods or drinking milk has something to do with acne, or cause blackheads. In most people, the diet has no effect on acne.

Acne occurs only in teenagers

You can meet with the statement that acne is only the changes that occur during puberty. Indeed, acne most often affects young people in, but can also occur in infants and forties.

People with acne skin should not be painted

You can buy primers that contain ingredients absorbing excess sebum, astringent and antibacterial. However, be very careful, because a lot of sleepers actually causes clogging of the pores and contribute to acne formation. It is worth before buying analyze the composition of the cosmetic.


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