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How to deal with menopause?

Menopause - how to cope?

Menopause, although it is a natural phenomenon and should not arouse any anxiety associated with certain undesirable symptoms.

And as far as menopause itself can not be cured, because the disease is not already alleviating associated symptoms is often a necessity. However, not all methods are equally effective.

Why menopause should be interested?

Menopause, generally speaking, is the period of expiration endocrine activity of the ovaries. During this period, they cease to produce hormones that regulate the body of at least dozens of different processes of great importance: the destruction and rebuilding of bone and by the metabolism of sugars, to the hormonal activity of other organs and fat. Hormonal changes too fast, especially if the variations in the concentrations of hormones are high, can lead to serious health consequences.

How to restore the hormonal balance?

In the case of very large changes in hormonal drug therapy is essential hormone - supplementation will be here for the poor, but to such drastic changes occur relatively rarely, the more the body can produce hormones also outside the ovaries.

But at least for a certain period they appear smaller or larger disorders that can be treated in two ways: either by using generic, but they carry a significant risk of adverse reactions, either by supplementation of a diet, which gives results as good as, and is thereby safer .

Supplementation during menopause

To maintain hormonal balance during menopause, you need to take care of course, the proper supply of vitamins and minerals - they are needed to the body in its own way it took control functions endocrine using other tissues than the ovaries. However, it is usually not enough.

Fortunately, there is in nature a fairly large group of chemical compounds that are analogs of female sex hormones and are so-called phytoestrogens. This type of regulatory compounds of plant origin - they are not identical to human hormones, but run most of their receptors, and so from a practical point of view can be considered as almost identical with female hormones.

Supplementation during menopause must be a regular and stable basis. While in almost all other cases, be supplements to treat quite freely, in this case, it is highly advisable - that the body maintained to the extent possible hormonal balance, it is necessary to continuously provide analogues of sex hormones, because they are relatively quickly metabolized and each skip doses could potentially affect the deepening problem.

The decision to start supplementation must therefore be well thought out and justified - plant hormones work best for women who feel quite strongly the changes taking place as a result of changes in the functioning of the body and the "switching" of metabolism in the mode characteristic of mature people.


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