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Wrinkles on neck

Coming into existence of wrinkles on neck and neckline

Many women commits the same error in care - intensive care for the face, while neglecting the neck and neckline. And there is nothing that betrays age like appearance and hand was neck and neckline.

And unfortunately, this area of our body is aging rapidly, so further "are helping" by certain behaviors and (not) use-care preparations.

How are wrinkles on neck and neckline?

The skin there is very thin and delicate, there is good support muscles, which rapidly collapses, what contributes even a small amount of collagen and elastin fibers. And on top of bedding fat it is very sparse, which causes rapid drying.

Then there are our sins, which badly affect the condition of the skin of these areas. Many of them do not even realize. For example, the use of perfume - we like to smell nice, but perfume (perfume and beauty products as well) are based on alcohol, which irritates and further dehydrates the skin. Huge enemy is the sun - causes freckles and blemishes and enhances the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin neck and also harms the work at the computer, incorrect body posture (stooped) and position during sleep (use high pillows), taking too little fluids, wearing clothes and accessories irritating to the area (turtlenecks, scarves), as well as improperly selected bra.

Preventing wrinkles on neck and neckline

The skin of  neck and neckline care should begin now 25-year-olds. The basis is adequate hydration and nutrition (not for nothing that manufacture creams write and use them on the face, neck and shoulders, the way you can do massage) and sun protection. Once in a while should be used more intensively acting mask and gentle peeling. You must change your habits - take care of upright posture, avoid sleeping on your stomach and neck spraying hot water.

And when wrinkles already appear ...

Anti-wrinkle creams rather deal with them can not do, because they are simply too weak. You will need to visit a beautician and undergo specialized treatment intensely nourishing and revitalizing the skin. The treatment should be matched to the degree of the depth of wrinkles. You can choose from among mesotherapy, aquabrazja, thread lifting or fractional laser.


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