Hand beauty tips

6 easy ways to beautiful hands

They are our calling card. It is worth giving them as much attention as the facial skin. How to take care of the healthy look of hand?

Daily contact with detergents, cold air, allergies, poor diet, or even ordinary office work adversely affect the condition of our hands. It is worth to take care of, the more that their skin is thin and delicate, easily shall be subjected to external factors and earlier than facial skin is aging.

1. The saving water

Rehydrate the daily drinking adequate amounts of water, it is not only beautiful skin, reduce cellulite, getting rid of toxins, but also beautiful hands. It should drink water rich in trace elements and with a bit of lemon juice or lime.

2. Gloves and mittens

The hands are particularly vulnerable to adverse external conditions, including the weather. Gloves should have already set up when the mercury indicates 10 degrees, it will help protect the skin against heat loss. Best suited gloves, wool, cotton or leather. Domestic work or in the garden should be a rubber glove or silicone, preferably with long sleeves. They protect hands from harmful detergents and various chemicals that can significantly contribute to the deterioration of hand skin and also cause allergies and other skin changes. For people with sensitive skin hands before applying gloves, it is recommended to lubricate the hand protective cream.

3. Proper hygiene

While hot water is effective for greater hygiene, unfortunately the temperature required to neutralize germs is unfavorable for our skin. Hot water destroys the fatty layers of the epidermis, which leads to its drying. Hands should be washed in lukewarm water using unscented soap with a neutral pH and then dry thoroughly.

4. Creams for special tasks

Hands should be lubricated barrier creams. Perfect for creams dermo prescription from the pharmacy based euceryny and vitamins A and E. Eucerinum retain moisture in the skin and causes it to soften and improve flexibility. When our hands are dry, let 'the series dermo cream recipes with urea, and in the case of the hand peel skin cholesterol. During the summer, do not forget about the additional lubrication hand creams with a filter.

5. Proper diet

Healthy looking skin builds up in the kitchen. To improve the quality of the hand skin is preferred diet rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and E, and vitamin B. It is also worth reaching for healthy tea, for example. Green, who has a good affect the skin condition.

6. Rejuvenating peeling

It is once in a while do the peeling hand. It is the ideal way to exfoliation of dead skin and improve skin condition hand. This peeling can buy ready at the drugstore or make yourself using ingredients available in any kitchen. The easiest way is to mix sugar, ground oatmeal or coffee grounds with a little olive oil and lemon juice. After this treatment the hands are not only smooth, but wet.


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