Principles of healthy eating

The main principles of healthy eating

Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, and every small change in your diet is a big step to success losing extra weight, health, or simply well-being.

Following the simple steps listed below to significantly improve the quality of your nutrition.


Daily consume products from all of these groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and eggs, meat and fish. A good supplement are also nuts and legumes.


Control the amount of food you eat, not overeating. The meal should end when you feel that you could still eat the same amount.


Croup byte on the right proportions. The basis of your diet should be whole-grain cereal products (bread, groats, rice, pasta) and vegetables. Every day, eat one protein products to choose from: meat, fish, eggs, pulses. Do not forget dairy products, natural yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and skim cheese should be part of your daily diet. To 2 servings of fruit and everything is as it should be :)


Your body is not a trash can! Therefore, do not throw him junk food, ready meals full of preservatives and dyes, artificial sweets and sweetened drinks.


Caring for your body choose the appropriate cooking techniques: boiling, roasting, braising no fat grilling. Cancel frying and breading that raise the energy value of meals and reduce their quality.

Beware of salt

In food products which normally eat there is enough salt, so opt out salting. Eliminate be too ready meals, processed, which contain a lot of salt and preservatives.

Small pleasures

Food should be fun and not by way of passion, so allow yourself from time to time for small pleasures. Homemade sweets, nuts and dark chocolate can be a tasty and healthy snack that will protect you from buying a ready-made sweets.

Physical activity

Be active every day! Just 40 minutes a day intense walk, fitness, bike. The possibilities are really a lot, and 40 minutes is very little time!


Water is the main component of the human body, so it is necessary for life. Try to daily drink 8 glasses of water so that your body functioning.

Frame of mind

Take care of yourself. A healthy diet is not everything, it is also important adequate sleep and avoid excessive stress.


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