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Effects of a poor diet

Poor diet

It is true that the radical weight-loss diets are fattening and cause disease. A serious mistake is starvation, such a diet usually lead to yo-yo effect. There are also a burden on the immune system.

It is important to lose weight slowly, then the effects persist. Treatment with whom we do not eat anything for several days for us pure stress. Not only for the people who use it, as well as for the environment but for each nerve cell in our body. The body at the time of such diets is no longer just rich in vitamins and minerals.

Women who in their lives have passed the enormity of diets have lower activity of certain immune cells than the women who for the most amount of time should maintain a constant weight. With poor diet suffers the whole body. If you want to lose weight permanently, best you achieve this through a thorough change in your lifestyle.

Well so do we cleanse the body of accumulated toxins as best you perform a bowel cleansing through enemas. Also important it will be to strengthen through eg. food supplements rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Also, in order to stimulate the metabolism best get moving, because muscles burn calories is also at rest.

The increase in muscle mass will result in better metabolism. Keep in mind the slower you lose weight the greater the chance consolidation of low weight for a long time. Therefore it is better to lose weight slowly but permanently.

The most important channels treatment

Every day, our body assumes a substantial portion of various foods. The trouble is that, together with healthy foods, your body also deliver an impressive set of garbage. A few minutes of pleasure mean for our body several hours or even several years of health problems.

Every time we are aware that what we eat at this point is simply unhealthy, but thinking something like: no good from one unhealthy food will not dies.

Cleansing the body of toxins

This is done with the use of up to seven channels of detoxification. The five most important are:

The large intestine is the main channel for cleaning the body. Undigested food debris, parasites are removed from the body just this way. Sloppy diet supplies the intestine with a large number of toxic agents. Spoiled food residues remain in the intestines to form over time fecal stones.

Dirty intestines are the cause of nasty symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, bad smell from the mouth, coating on his tongue, or abdominal pain. Bowel cleansing is therefore extremely important element of internal hygiene. Your best bet is to clear the bowel using dietary supplements of fiber.

The liver is an extremely important channel for cleaning. Fat-soluble poison in this way to leave the body. Contaminated liver is unable to perform his functions. If the liver is sick due to contamination, the whole body loses health. Regular cleansing of the liver is therefore an extremely important task for everyone.

Kidneys are the organs through which the body eliminates toxins soluble in water. This is an extremely important channel excretion. The raw kidney settles sand, as well as kidney stones. Treatment of kidney requires a large amount of clean water.

Sipping in the kidneys of water filtered and diluted with impurities. In this way we avoid the formation of sludge and sand in the kidneys. Herbal infusions and natural supplements also often help in cleaning the kidneys.

Adipose tissue is an excellent dustbin to store excess toxins. Placed in adipose tissue toxins are just as harmless to the body. The adipose tissue accumulate toxins which mostly remain in it for a long time.

The skin is a very effective channel excretory. With then they are discharged outside metabolic products. Halitosis pot contains a large amount of impurities. Rash, allergies, boils, ulcers, eczema are manifestations of cleansing the body of excess toxins through the skin.

This happens if the main excretory ducts are not keeping pace with the removal of toxins. Most at the same time the nose escapes mucopurulent and out of the lungs phlegm. This is the signal serious pollution of the body.


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