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Night eating

Night eating - effective ways to night snacking

You are a person who suffers from rampant night apatite and do not know how to control it? First of all you need to determine what causes these attacks of hunger.

Probably the reason you will find among the scenarios described below. And once you find it, follow the instructions and everything will no standards.

Important dream ...

If you sleep less than 7 hours a day, you produce more ghrelin (a hormone causing attacks of hunger). When you are niedospany, your body decreases serotonin levels (the hormone of happiness), and then you have a greater feel for sweets.

Warning! Take care of healthy sleep: Ventilate the bedroom, do not watch TV in bed or do not use the computer or phone.

Nutritious breakfast

Those who drop out have breakfast syndrome night snacking by 10% more than those who eat them. Studies show that breakfast should provide a large amount of protein (lean meat, cottage cheese, yogurt), because protein suppresses appetite for a long time and block hormones hunger.

Warning! Eat breakfast not long after getting up, up to two hours after waking.

Do not stress

Stress and haste in the morning enhance night apatite and hunger attacks. When you are constantly exposed to nerve situations at work, in your body increases levels of cortisol (stress hormone). It increases the appetite - you have an appetite mainly on what greasy and sweet!

Warning! Relax (eg. in aromatic bath).

3 l of liquid per day

Hunger and appetite often confuse the desire. Some incorrectly read the signals that gives their body. They confuse hunger with thirst, and as a result eat more than your body needs. Drink a day 2.5-3 liters of fluid (in the heat more), and you will eat less! For liquids included in a soup, smoothies, tea.

If you do not like water, enrich it with lemon juice, orange or mint leaves.

Warning! When you feel sucking in your stomach, drink a glass of water, wait 10 minutes, and choose whether this desire, whether you are actually hungry.

Eating with a stopwatch in hand ...

Hunger pangs cause fluctuations in glucose and insulin. You have to calm down the swing. Having a day every 3 hours, you prevent such attacks hunger.

Warning! Prepare home snacks and take away with you. In this way easily you plan your menu.

Dietary fiber

It causes a feeling of satiety and regulates the intestines. His sources are vegetables, bran, whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, buckwheat.

Warning! Having wysokobłonnikowe products, remember also to drink more (fiber content increases gastric contents and may lead to constipation).

Healthy products

If your home is missing sweets, chips and other "goodies" will definitely help you to fight with gusto. Reach for a healthy snack, prepare a dish cut into bars vegetables: carrot, cucumber, kohlrabi, peppers, etc.

Warning! In the evening, Eat a few almonds - are delicacies for stressed, they are a rich source of magnesium.

No alcohol ...

A large glass of beer provides 200 calories, light sweet wine - approx. 150 kcal. Alcohol also increases the feeling of hunger, because it increases the production of digestive juices. It causes a "burst" of insulin, which increases the glucose content in the blood, so you feel like unhealthy snacks.

Warning! When the example. A dinner given alcohol, select dry wine.

The evening meal ...

You eat it, for example. In front of the computer or TV? Do not be surprised that you have folds on the stomach. Then you lose control of how many calories you consume.

Warning! First, eat a meal, then watch TV.

Enjoy the summer ...

Late in the afternoon you can go for a bicycle (one hour drive to a loss of approx. 650 kcal) or the pool (swimming time is 520 calories less). Physical activity increases the level of serotonin - you will be happy and full of optimism.

Warning! You do not have time to take a ride? Go out for a quick walk. Just 30 minutes.


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