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Healthy snacks list

5 healthy snacks, so that certainly did not gain weight

Maintain appropriate calorie balance is the most important thing for weight loss. You can not afford the high derogation, because you can easily exceed the predetermined threshold energy.

Such forced to adhere to a strict diet is not good, because, paradoxically, encourages us to unhealthy snacking between meals. We believe that we will be able to burn those calories at your next workout.

The problem is that the appetizers are often full of empty calories that can match even full meals! The burning of such a weapon energy is impossible. If you must fry, and this we can not resist this should be done with the head. Presents a list of five healthy and delicious snacks, so that is definitely not fat.

Healthy snacks: dark chocolate

Who can resist chocolate? Probably no one, and therefore not even let us try to fight it. However, instead of selecting milk chocolate we should opt for dessert. It is far less caloric and has ingredients that are beneficial to health. They contain antioxidants, or antioxidants. They are responsible for removal from the body of free radicals. What is important is moderation - once should eat a maximum of two cubes of chocolate to fit below 100 kcal.

Healthy snacks: pistachio nuts

Surprise? For many, probably so. Although pistachio mostly consist of fat they are unsaturated. They do not affect the process of deposition of subcutaneous tissue. In addition, they contain a good portion of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. One serving of this snack should not be higher than 25 pieces of peanuts - give us is 100 extra calories a day. If only we have the opportunity we should reach for unsalted peanuts.

Healthy snacks: cocktail

A great way to kill hunger and freshen up. They can be made from the whole mass of products. Most often we use to make them fruit, but may well be prepared with vegetables (carrots, beetroot, tomato) or their combination. Complement to the fruit and vegetable base is best to choose plain yogurt or kefir. To this you can add oatmeal or bran.

Healthy snacks: salads

Salads have become synonymous with diet food. We are able to prepare them with low-calorie and healthy products. Be careful, however, that the portion was small enough. The use of vegetable guarantees us a low calorific value, which can not be conquered by sauces. Adhesive connecting components can be balsamic vinegar or lemon juice squeezed. The whole can also sprinkle a few drops of olive oil to deepen the flavor.

Healthy snacks: dried beef

Snack straight from the united states. To buy in some stores or to prepare yourself at home. It is performed with beef that is cut into thin strips, marinated and then dried for 4-6 hours in the oven set at 60 degrees Celsius. Calorific value? Surprisingly little - 25 grams is only 75 kcal.


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