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Diet MIND - the most important principles

Diet MIND, bears interest by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, not only improves memory, but also successfully used in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.

MIND is based on the DASH diet and the Mediterranean with some essential modifications, eg. The emphasis on eating leafy vegetables. It should also be more likely to consume the product valuable for the brain and reduce those that may harm him.

Diet MIND: fish and wine

Once a week or more often eat the fish of the sea. Once a week, drink a glass of red wine, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and neurological.

Diet MIND: walnuts and almonds

Eat them at least 5 times a week. They provide you with fatty acids - building blocks of cell membranes of the brain and wit. B, the so-called. Vitamin brain.

Diet MIND: fruits and vegetables

Blueberries improve memory (eat 2x a week). Kale, spinach, lettuce contain wit. C and E, to improve the work of the brain (3x daily). Lentils contain vitamin. B (3x per week.).

Diet MIND: blacklist

Eat red meat infrequently, eg. Once a month fried chicken - only once a week, sweets and sweet drinks - up to 4 servings a week.

Limit butter.

Diet MIND: Sample menu

Breakfast: dark bread (2 slices) | fat quark

II Breakfast: dark bread (1 slice) | cocktail (made with yogurt, strawberries and blueberries)

Lunch: spinach soup

Afternoon snack: handful of walnuts

Dinner: romaine lettuce with tomatoes, peppers, olives, roasted turkey breast and sauce made from olive oil, lime juice and Provencal herbs.


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