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Hypnosis quit smoking

Hypnosis for smoking cessation

If you want to once and for all get rid of this terrible habit (you know that over 55% of smokers believed this was a bad habit and is reborn start?).

Whether it's with concerns about their health, their wives, children, husband or anyone else (not even an option that you want to save some money in the end it's not so cheap "hobby"), you can use the power of your unconscious mind and (paraphrasing song of the Beatles) with a little help of hypnosis!

Hypnosis helps you quit smoking

So my dear brothers and sisters co smoking is a wonderful tool, which is dedicated this article to share part of the name of the mythological god of dreams (Hypnos) can make a non-invasive way to help you break free from the clutches of addiction.

How many once wanted to quit smoking

And probably you were throwing like my friend, who asked, "Did not you quit?" He replied, "I throw. After each cigarette" and a smile worthy of a movie hustla threw the butt into the trash. Unfortunately, smoking is not easy to overcome addiction and knows it's probably every child.

Many people smoke because it is a pleasant activity, such rights many people smoke because they enjoy it. Why? It is very easy. Smoking increases the level of dopamine - a neurotransmitter responsible among other things for the good mood and general recovery.

Not to mention that cigarettes are an effective adjunct to white-collar jobs. Nicotine increases the flow of sugar to the brain cells that need it, especially in the hard work which makes her best friend, a student, researcher or a mad genius (and also people who eat too many sweets). With the help comes hypnosis and other therapies that are intended to stop you from smoking.

And here comes the "but".

Very few people are so susceptible to hypnotic suggestion would be able to enter into a fairly deep trance by just using hypnosis itself free from the balloon. It is only approx. 4% of the world population. Fortunately, hypnosis can ANYONE help to quit smoking as a method of strengthening another therapy, eg. nicotine gum.

Smoking is associated with emotions (like the rest of each habit when you ask a smoker that burns rather not start to give you a lecture about the positive aspects of smoking on the nervous system or reproductive) that's why so hard to get rid of it. With hypnosis can be reduced (or, in extreme cases completely eliminate) a combination of cigarette = a good mood, pleasure, etc. That produced by all these months or years of smoking.

Fortunately, during the trance we reach the deeper layers of the mind in which such changes are a whole lot easier than in the normal mode. In this state, you can also connect the positive effects that smoking gives you another activity.

The mind does not like emptiness, because if you just delete the cigarette out of the equation mind he would find another activity to replace smoking. Therefore, if you want to stop smoking hypnosis, I recommend you more as a way of strengthening your willpower and other treatments to get rid of this very nasty (and unfortunately giving a lot of fun) addiction.


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