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Stress and hair loss

How does stress affect hair loss?

It is often said that stress your hair fall out. "Do not worry, because alopecia" - sound humorous slogans. How much is this the truth?

One thing is certain: until now there are no studies proving that stress your hair fall out. And such studies in the near future, and probably also later, they do not arise.


To conduct scientific research, it is necessary to build the right target group, representative, chosen from among the population. Meanwhile, it is not possible to demonstrate that people escaping hair, direct or indirect cause of hair loss is stress. Because you can not ever completely eliminate the other, co-existing factors of importance, such as medication, diet, exposure to the influence of the external environment.

However, there are theoretical views on hair loss in humans stressed

Stress causes the release of hormones and adrenal core, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These substances shrinking the blood vessels supplying the hair follicles in nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins and minerals. This favors the formation of local, around vascular inflammation. As a result, hair becomes brittle, brittle and more easily fall out.

Stress also causes hair follicles are secreted pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-6, interleukin-1 or tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Is increased vascular permeability and transudation there is an additional loss of mineral from the cells. All this on the one hand accelerates hair loss, and on the other - makes it difficult to properly increase.

How to fight stress?

Although we can not completely eliminate stress from our lives, we can take action to reduce the adverse effects of stress on the state of our hair. And here we come with the help of natural cosmetics for hair, containing nutrients and enhancers, such as wheat proteins, proteins with a green apple and oats, silicon, copper, zinc, manganese, biotin, folic acid and vitamin B.

Such cosmetics are protein shampoos, hair conditioners with medicinal hydrosolami and some masks hair.

In summary, although there is no conclusive evidence of the impact of stress on hair loss, there are reasonable indications of possible involvement of stress in the process of destroying hair. Some natural cosmetics can help reduce the harmful effects of stress on our hair.


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