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Fevers in children

How to help your child with a fever?

With fever in adults and adolescents you can easily cope thanks to tablets antipyretic, but in younger children is sometimes quite a challenge. There are a few ways that enable you to master the rising temperature.

First, a poultice

Most heat is lost through your head, so if you can, put it on the child's head cool compress. Ideal in this role suited e.g. tetra pad soaked in cold water.

They warm up, taking heat from the body of the child. This method is effective and brings immediate relief, but for many children the moment poses such a wrap is for obvious reasons unpleasant.

What is important is the wrap does not have as quite often repeats rest on the child's forehead. That is indeed the best, but if your child prefers to lie on its side, place it on his temple, but without blocking the ear.

High fever cold bath

At high fever, certainly in excess of 39 °, instead of the usual wrap, it is better to use cool or cold bath. In your case, you make sure to enter the very cold water, but for a child it may be too difficult and unpleasant challenge, take care so that the water was at most 20-25 ° C.

First, the child splashed with water or gently hand wash to avoid shock. It is a way unpleasant, but extremely effective. Of course, in this case, to observe the symptoms of hypothermia child because overcooling of the body it is not desired effect.

You can also place a cold bath, wrap a wet sheet toddler just remember to leave him a certain freedom of movement. Poor muscle tremor is a symptom of a physiological and it should not bother you. This is the way to produce heat in the body.

Drugs for children with fever

In all pharmacies are drugs doses for children. Their effectiveness, however, is different, because the children have to varying degrees and educated the immune system respond differently to xenobiotics, often so synthetic drug does not give you the desired results.

You can then resort to herbal medicines, but these are usually effective at a lower fever.

Warning! Never give children adult medicines, even if they are divided into several parts. Adoption of drugs containing synthetic salicylates can result in so-called. Rey'a team.

It is a systemic syndrome complications, occurring as early as seven days after treatment, manifested by a general wasting of the body, severe vomiting, altered consciousness and diseases of the liver and brain. Similar effects may occur with administration of the child ibuprofen-based drugs.

Water is the basis

If children can very quickly lead to dehydration. At elevated body temperature of evaporation from the skin surface it is especially fast, it is important to give the child a large amount of liquid.

There must of course be water, although this would be the best, but everyone will get a good cool drink (obviously omit here artificial sodas, low quality juices, sweetened drinks etc.).

It should give your child herbal teas on the basis of linden flowers, demonstrating potent antipyretic, and elderberry tea. This will allow the cooling of the blood and acting from the center will contribute to the reduction of fever.

Professional help

If you are not able to control the growth of fever in children, especially very small, it is necessary to visit a doctor. If the temperature is really high, more than 39-39, 5 °, remember that your doctor is required home visits event.

Do not insist that it is your favorite pediatrician - it could be any of the doctors on duty, but the point is not to bother the child extra travel. It is the occasion of this visit to find out what you can do better in the future, because unfortunately fever in children occurs frequently, and ways of capturing the temperature is not too much.


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