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Lose 5kg fast

How quickly you lose 5kg?

Take to heart the advice that in a few days to lose 2-5 kg.  In addition to complying diet - every day:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water (hydration of the body will help remove excess water, reduce swelling, and thus lose more weight);
  • Limit drinking coffee (retains water in the body);
  • Avoid alcohol (causes dilation of blood vessels, which facilitates penetration of water into the tissues and the formation of edema, but also near the waist);
  • Put your belly (try to do it as often as possible - on the bus, watching TV, in the queue). This simple exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles.

Diet - Day I

Breakfast: juice of oranges, 2 apples and carrots, diluted with water.

Second breakfast: a small cup of skim kefir | Nettle tea.

Lunch: vegetable juice multi | kefir

Afternoon snack: juice of grapefruit with ginger.

Dinner: vegetable juice multi

Multi vegetable juice: 3 ripe tomatoes | pepper | apple | carrots | a piece of celery | tablespoon of lemon juice | 1/2 bunch parsley | a few drops of linseed oil | salt

Preparation: Wash the vegetables, carrots scrub. Squeeze the juice juicer with all the vegetables and apples, leaving a tomato. Add a pinch of salt and oil, mix thoroughly. Put peeled and cut into cubes tomato.

Diet - Day II

Breakfast: big banana, the fried in butter (half a teaspoon), sprinkled with cinnamon.

Second breakfast: 2 small carrots, a few slices of fresh pineapple, lemon balm tea.

Lunch: salad nutritious.

Afternoon snack: an apple.

Dinner: salad with cauliflower and tomatoes | small kefir.

Salad: a few leaves of lettuce | 4 tomatoes | 2 cucumbers | onion | 2 tablespoons olive oil | 2 slices of feta cheese | tablespoon olive | clove of garlic | teaspoon thistle guilty | fresh or dried tarragon | pepper | salt

Preparation: Tear the lettuce into pieces, peeled tomatoes cut into pieces, onion pen, cucumbers półplasterki feta into cubes. Put all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix olive oil with crushed garlic, vinegar and spices. Pour sauce salad mix.

Diet - Day III

Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice sprinkled with basil | apple.

Second breakfast: beetroot.

Lunch: fruit salad.

Afternoon snack: Kiwi | 2 medium tangerines.

Dinner: salad with green beans and spoon the tuna.

Fruit salad: half pineapple | a piece of pink grapefruit | some frozen plums | Spoon frozen berries | natural yogurt

Preparation: hollow center of the pineapple, cut the fruit into small cubes. Grapefruit split into pieces and cut them into smaller pieces. Thawed plums cut into particles of any size. Place the fruit in a bowl of pineapple. Mix. Active pour the yoghurt, sprinkle with frozen berries.

Diet - Day IV

Breakfast: salad with cauliflower, peppers and 100 g of cooked chicken | tea of horsetail.

Second breakfast: a large kiwi.

Lunch: salad with smoked salmon.

Afternoon snack: a glass of apple juice | 5 dried apricots

Dinner: a glass of skim yogurt | banana | 3 tablespoons of muesli

Salad with smoked salmon 50 g smoked salmon | bunch of radishes | head of lettuce | slice of cucumber | onion | teaspoon of olive oil | teaspoon lemon juice | salt | pepper

Preparation: Tear lettuce into pieces, cut tomatoes into eighths, and radishes with cucumber slices. Chop the onion. Salmon cut into pieces and sprinkle with lemon. Mix the ingredients, posól, sprinkle with olive oil and lemon. Season to taste.


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