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Onion diet

A healthy onion diet

For many people onion is a good remedy for flu and colds. As it turns out, onion helps in weight loss as well. Using diet onion, you can effectively lose weight.

Onions rule is added to many dishes, such as salads or fish in Greek. Contrary to appearances, the duration of treatment should not consume the same onion. You should consume vegetables from the family onion, eg. garlic, leeks, chives.

Consumption of these vegetables helps in weight loss and also enhances immunity. Adding vegetables to your meal onion is recommended especially during autumn and winter, when the human body is most vulnerable to various infections.

What is the onion diet?

It is a diet that lasts for two weeks. You can lose weight on it kilogram per week, totaling you can lose weight 2 kilograms. Keep in mind that this is a diet designed for people who want to lose a little weight. Onion diet is not a diet long-term, during which you can lose a lot of extra weight.

Onion diet is very healthy for the body, because the bulb vegetables possess many valuable for the body of vitamins and nutritional value. These vegetables are the source of so valuable for the body of vitamins such as vitamin C, A and B12.

Leek - in the menu can be added to soups. It includes vitamins such as C, B12, B2, and provides the body with iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Chives - can be added to meals: sandwiches, light cheese. Chives is a source of vitamin PP, C, B.

Garlic - another after onion natural "drug" for colds and flu. It contains vitamins A, B and C. During the diet may be a component of many foods.

Who can not use onion diet?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women. Diets should not use minors and persons with sensitive digestive tract. It is worth mentioning that onion is rich in sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes should keep this in mind.


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