How to cure a headache?

What will help a headache?

By reading this short article you will learn: - Why do you hurt? - What are the benefits of pain - how to resist the pain amplifies it? -How Immediately reduce the pain? - How in a few minutes completely get rid of the headache?

Certainly experienced pain more than once so I do not have to write what it is ... But do you ever wonder if the pain beyond the physical sensation of informing you of disharmony in the body can provide you a deeper content?

Pain is a symptom of a physical. The reason, however, is always a disharmony of mind, not external factors such as bacteria, viruses, etc. If the mind is working properly, it fully protects the body from pain and diseases. To fully get rid of the symptoms, you need to heal the mind, not the body.

When your mind crept "virus", it limits its power - your body becomes less resilient and more vulnerable to external factors that cause disease in various forms, eg. headache.

Headache is so beneficial, because you have to provide important information about the virus in your mind. If the pain does not appear, the disease could develop, and you would not even notice how your body begins to destroy ...

Feeling a headache, you can go 3 ways:

1. The most popular. Take a pill that will remove the symptoms ... and another ... and another, until the brain stops sending information about the virus (the virus will not disappear, only to disappear symptoms).

2. You will be thinking about the headache, complained, suffered, you give him your full attention anxious to ensure that you leave, or trying to deny it, not to think about it. In this way, for sure it does not get rid of, but only strengthen. Creating resistance are causing the pain needs more strength to give you information that brings.

3. The most effective and easiest way also involves receiving information and release the virus from the mind.

How to do it?

It is very easy. Knowing that the pain you want to convey information about the state of your mind enough to pick her up. To do this, close your eyes, relax in your pain, thank him for coming and let it come fully ...

Then ask just your mind the question, eg .: "What are you trying to tell me through this pain?", "What kind of information you want to tell me?", Etc. Ask them and wait for an answer, which may come immediately after a moment or for some time, once you take care of something else. Be open and attentive to the tips ...

You can also use the archetypes. Headache most often is caused by a sense of guilt or blocking energy due to unspoken words of discontinued operations, etc.

Sometimes, just to realize the cause of the pain will completely remove it. Most, however, will have to do more.

1. You can work through information, eg. you will have something to say to someone, or to get rid of guilt by any specific action.

2. Let her release - simply :)

Release negative energy:

Headache and its cause, is energy. Unleash the power - you get rid of a headache. The following method, you can work on the same symptom - headaches, making it instantly you will have no resistance and you reduce the pain. However, releasing the cause, effectively get rid of the symptoms. And it'll be.

Already knowing the cause - let's assume that it is a guilt - we can be free of it:

1. The best close your eyes. Invite guilt, that revealed fully. Invite him more and more ...

2. Ask yourself: Can I afford to release the guilt as best I can? Without thinking not answer: yes / no / maybe

3. Then ask another question: Do you let go of guilt as best I can? Yes / no / maybe

4. The last question: When? Responding to imagine that chest open gates through which energy is released.

5. Check if the feeling is still (in this case, repeat steps 2-4), or maybe it's a different feeling (it is free the emerging new feelings -  repeat the whole process with a new feeling)

6. Release until all of the negative feelings and the headache disappears. Usually you'll need for a few minutes.

The technique may appear to you to be too simple to be effective. Do not let this make believe that they do not experience the great power of this technique. Before you spend any opinions about its effectiveness check it for yourself!


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