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Effects of smoking cigarettes

The effects of heavy smoking cigarettes

In the twentieth century, there was a significant increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. They are recognized as a problem of civilization. Causes of course, can be many. Poor diet, genetic load, obesity, but also addictions.

Studies show quite a significant association between cigarette smoking and the incidence of these diseases.

Harmful substances in cigarettes

Smoking is one of the most important factors when we talk about the risk of cardiovascular disease. The composition has several thousands of substances which are formed by incomplete combustion. In this way, nicotine and carbon monoxide are the main compounds which have a toxic effect on the vascular system.

Smoke causes vascular endothelium starts to change for the physiological and morphological. Carbon monoxide acts negatively on the blood. It makes the transfer of oxygen to the heart and other muscles is less with efficient. In this way, if one burns twenty cigarettes a day, it is that it provides a about 10% less oxygen. While cigarette smoking occurs at the same time to one more thing. Nicotine speeds up the heartbeat. This means that the demand for oxygen is higher.

Addictive nicotine in cigarettes

When this is taken into consideration mentioned a moment ago, carbon monoxide, note that smoking is very dangerous. Speaking of nicotine, we must mention that it was she who has addictive properties and makes quitting heavy smoking is very difficult. It is so strong that after two days of burnout last cigarette, the body is able to remove the debris.

To quit smoking and feel the consequences, need a little patience. Physical condition sometimes improves after a few weeks, and sometimes take a few months. No coughing and breathing better is a matter of even a year. It all depends on how long you smoked. Only after 10 years we can talk about reducing the risk of disease, that would be comparable to that of non-smokers.

Smoking active and passive

This should not, however, have no effect because cigarette smoking and so does not bring anything good. If a person burns a pack of cigarettes a day, the risk of suffering a heart attack increases several times. We must remember that this is not a thing we have no control. It is a factor totally dependent on us. This applies not only to ourselves but also to the people in our environment. Even if they do not burn.

This smoke can also be dangerous. The smoke that the smoker inhales directly, but also one that inspires a non-smoker in his company, have a very similar composition. This means that the risk of disease also occurs. Therefore, you should think not only about themselves but also for their loved ones.

Other risks of smoking

Circulatory system is not the only system that is exposed while smoking a cigarette. Habitual smoking can lead to stroke, lung cancer, gastrointestinal or destruction of gastric mucosa, which increases the risk of ulcers.

The list of damage caused by cigarettes can be very long. On the market there are drugs that help to deal with this addiction, and even support groups and psychological therapies. Given the enormity of the threats that cause the cigarettes, if we are not able alone to deal with addiction, you should ask for help.


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