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Strategies for weight loss

Weight loss strategies

For many years it was a very widespread view that people with overweight should lose weight by decreasing calorie intake.

Recent studies have shown that different diets reduction may seriously harm the metabolism and make your body will burn even fewer calories than normal.

It is better to keep the energy balance at the current level - could possibly even increase it slightly, so as to obtain the acceleration of metabolism. To burn 1 kg of fat, we need to provide the body with about 7,000 calories less or just want more moving.

During the race we burn approx. 600 calories per hour, so as to easily calculate gives you approximately 12 hours of classes. It has been proved that the best results can activate metabolism through a combination of several factors: endurance training, strength and healthy eating.

Endurance training.

For people who have a slimming, a good solution is to set ourselves a number of training units (cross-country) a week, that they should be overcome in a relatively slow pace. They should last at least 40 minutes. Thus speeding up the metabolism and the body obtains energy from fat while protecting your glycogen stores.

Of course, the harder you train, the more you burn calories at the same time. However, particularly those with very overweight should pay attention to pace was not too fast, it might unduly burden their joints and ligaments.

The optimum would be a combination of long runs and multiple episodes of running at a faster pace, np.- 2 minutes walk - 10 minutes free run at the beginning (60% of maximum heart rate) - 10 minutes run faster (approx. 70-75% of maximum heart rate) - 2 - 4 episodes defeated at a rapid pace (approx. 50 m accelerate to approx. 90% of maximum heart rate), after a short break, repeat bieg- at the end we run even for 10 minutes at a fast pace (approx. 70 - 75% of maximum heart rate) - the last workout again at a slow pace, supporting post-workout recovery.

Construction of muscle mass.

It is much easier to lose weight and for a long time to maintain your weight if we are able to build muscle mass. Each additional kilogram of muscle consumes between 100 and 200 calories per day. And of course it improves the appearance of the body and well-being.

Healthy eating and supply the body with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

If someone wants to achieve success in weight loss and maintain their new weight as long as possible, you should also change your eating habits and move to high-quality food, rich in nutritional value.

- Best to eat three main meals a day, but to your heart's content; this will reduce the level of insulin by the body to tap into fat reserves; absence of additional snacks is necessary if we feel hungry, you can refer to foods that do not cause an increase in blood sugar levels, eg. some nuts, preferably rich in selenium Brazilian cup of vegetable soup, a glass of buttermilk, raw vegetables;

- Drink at least 2-3 liters of low-calorie beverages (mineral water, herbal tea, green tea, yerba mate); should be abandoned entirely of sugary drinks and limit fruit juices; if yuzhmash feel like it is best squeezed juice from fresh fruit, you can afford the occasional glass of red wine;

- A glass of water before a meal will cause not eat too much;

- Each meal is essential we add vegetables or salad, you need to watch out for sauces should be low in calories; if you have already decided on vinaigrette it's better to let it be based on olive oil;

- Let's eat primarily low-fat meats, sausages, cheeses and dairy products, especially recommendable is whey, which strengthens the immune system;

- Instead of fry, better grilowańá and simmer dishes; rezygnujmy not completely fat - a few tablespoons of olive oil, flaxseed oil or fish oil must be found in our diet;

- At least, once a week you need to eat oily sea fish, eg. mackerel, salmon, tuna;

- You do not have to give up breads, noodles, pasta, rice or potatoes, but it is best to choose carbohydrates from whole grain, wild rice; a good option is buckwheat or millet and chickpeas;

- Necessarily resign from the so-called. "Sweet fats" - ie, cakes, donuts, fries, ice cream, which are particularly fattening;

- Provides the body with minerals: magnesium, zinc, chromium and selenium can be found in products with whole grains, sprouts and nuts;

If, despite compliance with these recommendations further difficult to lose weight, you try to eat in the evening for dinner with high protein low fat (meat, fish, cheese) with a portion to 500g of vegetables. However, they may not be combined with carbohydrates - such as bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, pasta, or fruit and fruit juices. Products containing protein lead to small spike insulin and at night we will burn fat.


By training intensively let's not forget about the regeneration of the body - from time to time, and preferably at least once in a week's go to the sauna and take advantage of massage. Every morning, do not forget about the cold shower at the end of the bath. For more hardened a good idea to walruses.

Thanks to these treatments significantly improve our resistance to various kinds of infections and speed up metabolism and cleanse the body of all sorts of toxins. It is also recommendable infrared sauna, especially for people who, for various reasons, eg. Health can not tolerate the high temperature that prevails in the Finnish sauna.


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