Sleep wrinkles

What will help wrinkles sleepy?

That's right, good night sleep very well affect the beauty. But if you sleep on your stomach or on the side of the watch! You may find that for 6-8 hours a night of rest are working on wrinkles!

How to recognize wrinkles sleepy?

You have a strange vertical bars eg. On the cheek, around the eye, forehead, chin? Did you notice that one side of the face (if it is not a coincidence that where you sleep?) Looks worse, is it more wrinkles? On the neck appeared vertical lines? Wrinkles dream can quite easily recognize are different wrinkles that arise as a result of the dynamic expression of emotions, and different from those caused by gravity.

There are vertical and are unnatural because they are unbalanced. Often crease on one side of the forehead, cheeks, ears. If you are around the eyes, it is not going to radiate from the corners of the laugh lines (crow's feet), only vertically intersect them.

In people who sleep during the squeeze head in the pillow, vertically arranged on one side of his forehead. They are particularly visible in the morning, during the day a little smooth, but one day, when the skin is not as elastic, do not disappear completely. The culprit is the dream, and the exact position in which we sleep.

Why are wrinkles at night?

Wrinkles sleepy consist mainly of people who sleep on your stomach or side. Why? At these positions face firmly pressed to the pillow, the skin is kneaded and creases the time to consolidate, the more that we find ourselves in this position for a third day. The problem is not only the face sleeping on your stomach or on the side of putting a lot of emphasis on the skin of the neck as a result, and on it there are vertical wrinkles.

Test button and professional help

If you sleep on your side or back, you have to be vigilant. The bottom line is that your skin is firm and elastic, then easily handle the crease. The first signal loss of firmness is keeping more and more after waking imprinted eg. of a button, folds and texture of linen.

This means that the skin is less firm and elastic and thus more slowly returns to form. Not surprisingly, the age of the density changes of the skin, the collagen fibers are getting worse, elastin production decreases and reduces the amount of moisturizer hyaluronic acid. How to deal with it? We should thicken the skin to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In the study of aesthetic medicine we have a few ways to provide expert. This can be done quickly and painlessly using termolifting.

Zaffiro is a device that uses infrared radiation R, which is heated using a special head, the deep layers of the skin. As a result, there is a contraction of collagen fibers loosened skin back into place, and in the coming months comes to the production of new fibers that form stable scaffold for skin. As a result, the skin is more resistant to pressure, and the wrinkles that have already formed shallower.

Great way to eliminating wrinkles dream is to stimulate the skin to rebuild the car. We mobilize the skin to autoregeneracji, damaging it, of course, in a controlled and safe. As a result, the damaged cells are replaced with new and, most importantly, the young tissue explains the expert. This is how the so-called laser skin thickening. laser resurfacing.

Fractional Laser with a beam of light produced in the skin of thousands of micro-injuries to the skin and provokes a complex reconstruction. A similar effect can be achieved by subjecting the treatment of micro puncture Dermapenem. Micro punctures made pulsating surgical needles cause microtrauma, and they encourage the skin to regenerate.

This leads to the secretion of growth factors and the creation of new cells, the skin is rebuilt, improves its vasculature. Very often I combine these treatments with a patient platelet rich plasma PRP. Growth factors promote skin regeneration and strengthen the effect says the expert. How it works on the skin and wrinkles? Wrinkles become less apparent, and the skin is firmer, smoother, free of blemishes. And this effect, which is very natural as if we pared a few good years.

Change of habit or a pillow!

> Wrinkles can be overcome, and the formation of postponing this excellent information. Worse it is that prevent them can only change habits. Train sleeping on the back is the safest sleep position for your skin.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology it is the healthiest for the skin. Unfortunately, only a little more than 1/3 of us can sleep in a supine position. Just very hard to control the routines, especially because during sleep position we choose unconsciously.

Patients who can not cope with the change of habits, I recommend buying a special pillow anti-aging, which prevents wrinkles sleepy says the expert. How does this pillow? It is appropriately shaped and special nodules reduce and properly arrange the pressure face on the pillow. By the way, it is made of hypoallergenic breathable material, which also has a huge impact on the quality of sleep. Bonus: this bag also provides optimal support for neck and spine alignment.


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