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Skin lesions

Skin changes

Most often these are changes that are called moles: the skin in one place meet a lot of pigment cells (melanocytes). They are harmless, but you have to watch them, because of a harmless mole can develop melanoma, malignant skin cancer.

If you really have a lot of moles on the skin, you have to show them to the dermatologist, who will assess their character. If the skin is rich moles, do them every six months pictures, because then more easily notice changes in their appearance.

Atypical nevi

They carry the greatest risk. Then of developing cancer. Atypical nevi easily distinguished from those safer. This is useful method here called ABCDE - change is estimated at an angle of a few parameters.

A (asymmetry) - the more asymmetric mark, the greater the risk of carries.

B (edges) - in typical nevi are smooth in atypical - irregular.

C (color) - places a lighter, darker places.

D (large) - want to consult with a dermatologist every birthmark, which has more than 5 mm in diameter.

E (evolution) - if within the last 3 months something has changed in the birthmark should awaken anxiety.

Warning! Any change in the appearance of the mark should prompt you to visit a dermatologist. You should not wait with her, especially when the mark itching, peeling, bleeding or something out of it filtered.

Unfortunately, the rules on free date have to wait a long time - and in the case of skin cancer, is extremely dangerous. So better to book a private visit, and that as soon as possible.

Mole better "not to move"

It is extremely harmful opinion! Suspicious moles should be removed and that the best early, before they turn into cancer.

Warning! It is the only guarantee to avoid possible metastases. Birthmark removed with a margin of healthy skin. Moles do not freeze-burns or laser. They are cut with a scalpel under local anesthesia. Only in this way, the physician obtains material for histopathological examination, which leads to the conclusion that the cells were in the birthmark and whether it was dangerous. The resected a mole cuts sutures.

Removal of birthmarks "safe"

Such signs also are eligible to be removed when they are awkwardly placed. Eg. moles, which are under hangers or bottom edge of the bra. Or in the vicinity of a belt.

Such signs are constantly irritated - and this may cause them teasingly. Cut mole also exposed to the sun. You can also remove completely harmless moles because of the aesthetic, eg. disfiguring his face.


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