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Colon hydrotherapy weight loss

Hydrocolonotherapy way to lose weight?

One of the side effects of colon cleansing is weight loss. It is not usually high, because of only 1 to 3 kg at one time wash, but it is sufficient to treat multiple hydrocolonotherapy treatment as a panacea for weight loss.

What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Hydrocolonotherapy is not a weight loss surgery, but cleansing the body and streamlining its functioning. Slimming effect, which brings the short-lived, since after a few days the large intestine again begin to fill with fecal mass, and after some time again on the walls begin to form hardened deposits.

There is no doubt that the leaching of the colon with fecal stones, fungi, molds, yeasts, parasites and other toxic residues of metabolism is not the only positive effect that gives hydrocolonotherapy. It promotes, among others, peristaltic movements of the colon, allowing the fecal mass squeeze through his light much faster and more efficiently. This does not mean that there is nothing on the walls of the intestine is not.

If a person uncontrolled allegedly weight loss workout colonic lavage treatment will continue to cultivate habits that led to problems with her bowel, fast-paced lead to the state before the surgery. Herself hydrocolonotherapy never bring permanent weight loss. What else, if with it to deploy force, among others, procedures to support liver cleansing treatments, support circulatory and lymphatic system and proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

This treatment course can help weight loss, but it will never replace a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Its beneficial to the process of weight loss action include the alignment function of the endocrine system, and thereby improve metabolism, better nutrition at the cellular level, decreased appetite and increased lipolysis. Weight loss after the treatment and then no weight loss. What is true is that feeling of lightness and a flat stomach, but no further action on the slim silhouette forget.

Hydrocolonotherapy - what should I know?

Hydrocolonotherapy is a treatment, which on the one hand, arouses great interest, on the other emotions. Both the doctors and people not connected with the medical community.

Like any method known to be so. unconventional, alternative treatments, has its ardent supporters and opponents. It is, therefore, first find out what the procedure and why it may arouse emotions.

Hydrocolonotherapy to irrigation, flushing or colon. However, do not identify with this surgery enema, though it sometimes define him skeptics who say that this enema for the wealthy. However, it should be known that for colon hydrotherapy can rinse the entire colon length which can be up to 2 meters. To completely clean up the lingering deposits intestine, often need multiple treatments. For some, it will be 2-3 times, others need up to 10 treatments.

So why hydrocolonotherapy raises such mixed feelings, has as many opponents as supporters. Of course, to a large extent this is due to reports of complications, symptoms and problems that have patients after surgery. But even doctors who are interested in this issue recognize that the overwhelming majority of such dramatic situation is the result of irregularities, negligence, performing surgery inadequately prepared.

In sterile conditions, the medical centers, with professional personnel, complications are the minimum percentage, as with other routine medical procedures. It is worth to know the arguments for the use of colon hydrotherapy. First of all, purified from colon backlog deposits removed parasites, fungi, bacteria, which are pathological flora. At the same time restores and maintains the microbial balance.

Such thorough cleaning have an impact not only on the gastrointestinal tract, but the whole body. Therefore hydrocolonotherapy is recommended for treatment of diseases and ailments of various kinds.


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