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Spring solstice

Is it spring solstice?

When spring arrives, your body is weakened and I find it hard to switch to a vigorous activity. Changing weather and juices pressure does not help the situation, because most people are meteopathy (people who are overly sensitive to weather changes).

Spring solstice can feel even keel weeks. It is more difficult when you operate (work, perform household chores).

Warning! If possible, it's now take a holiday. According to scientists, the best months to rest (except November), are March and April. At least two, and even better three weeks holiday at this time is a really good idea.

It should go (not necessarily far), because already 20 km from the place of residence of the climate may be completely different, and this change will have a great impact on strengthening the immune system.

Warning! It is very important, because the tired body easily catch infections and more difficult to combat.

Homemade ways to spring solstice

You can not leave? You can every day to try to deal with this periodic fatigue home remedies.

1. Avoid overwork, or work more than 8 hours, no sleep at night. Hanging out behind a desk in an air-conditioned room does not serve the body.

2. In the control spring fatigue will also help regulate the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Sleep no less than 8 hours, be about hours. 22.00. When you fall asleep before midnight, the body manufactures growth hormone.

Warning! It helps us in recovery, but if you get up every day at 7 on weekends you lie in bed until 12, it is not rested. On the contrary you will be more tired.

Diet for the spring solstice

Go on a diet easily digestible, remove the fried meat for fish baked in foil alumina.

Warning! Drink plenty of fruit juices (carrot, apple, beet), not avoid early vegetables (should come from a trusted source), silage.

If necessary, start taking multivitamin.

Warning! Remember that vitamins and trace elements, much better absorbed from natural products.

Medium-carbonized drink or water, nikskosodową, calcium and magnesium.

Oxygenates the body too, because without supply enough oxygen for sure you'll be tired. Every day, walk around, do breathing exercises, calisthenics, gymnastics, walk, expose to the sun or swallow supplements with vitamin D, because its deficiency can intensifies spring fatigue.

5 ways to spring solstice

1. Get enough sleep, it regenerates power. Do not pick up from the bed - the first poprzeciągaj and gold do it at an open window.

2. Eat a nutritious breakfast (bread, protein products, vegetables). Do not give up meat to help regain strength.

3. Drink plenty of water to speed up metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins lingering in it.

4. Dress appropriately for the weather (preferably on the "onion"), because mornings can be cold, and then it gets warm.

5. Start to practice and go out for walks. This allows the body to deliver oxygen, improve mood. Exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week.


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