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Water test for eggs

Test the freshness of eggs

Eggs are high in protein, so every day they can replace meat in a bid to dinner. Yolks use as a base for sauces, creams, cakes, cocktails and desserts, and protein loosens great baked goods, and added to the minced meat mass unites like glue.

Pay attention to where they come from eggs

He will tell you about the first digit of the stamp.

Warning! For the most delicious and nutritious eggs are considered to be 0 - chicken run slowly on air, nibbling the grass, they get food from certified organic.

Also eggs with the number 1 - chickens live in the house, but they have the opportunity to walk around the yard, food, plants, worms.

Warning! Choosing eggs 0 and 1, check that they do not come from the provinces covered by the alarm smog (eggs may contain dioxins).

Eggs 2 and 3 are considered to be the worst. Hens are fed artificially, do not go on the air.

Warning! But contrary to appearances, they may be healthier because their breeding and fodder are subject to constant monitoring.

A simple test eggs for freshness

A glass of water, islands, 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and put the egg. Fresh will be at the bottom of the glass, stale float to the water surface.

Cooking eggs

If the "boil" egg, keeping them in a pot of more than 10 minutes, the protein will be rubbery and around the yolk formation gray border.

When you do not know whether the egg is cooked, just spin them on the table around its axis. Cooked - revolves, not raw.

The easiest You receive them under cold water. In contrast, when you want to slice nicely cooked in half, dip briefly knife in boiling water, and then the yolk will not stick to the knife.


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