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Cholesterol eyelids

Cholesterol in eyes

Excess cholesterol can be revealed not only in the study of blood, but in the form of skin changes. In the inner corners of the eyes may appear clumps of yellowish white color.

Warning! It xanthomata, or tufts of yellow. They may also be on the eyelids, back, buttocks, hands, feet (in the area of the Achilles tendon, joint, eg. knees, elbows).

What are xanthomata?

This cholesterol deposits that testify to its excess. Standard is less than 200 mg / dl.

Warning! It is a signal of circulation problems before they become clear in other areas (e.g.,. Vessels). LDL cholesterol (bad fraction) increases the risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, coronary heart disease, heart attack.

Xanthomata usually occur in people with elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, kidney disease, and even liver.

What does this have eg. liver?

It was she largely responsible for cholesterol, which comes to us not only as a component of the diet, but it also produces the liver.

The liver cleanses the body of toxins produced by the enzymes, Besides with the gall bladder and pancreas care about cholesterol levels, which also provide food products.

Warning! So if the level increases, the culprit is not only a bad diet, but also liver disease.

Good cholesterol (HDL)

HDL cholesterol we need for life. It is essential for many processes. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, for reducing LDL cholesterol.

Warning! Without it, the body can not cope, eg. with the production of hormones, vitamin D3.

Elevated levels of blood cholesterol

This is a warning signal before it will hurt the liver. What more evidence of interference in burning fat.

Warning! You then need to first rule out liver disease. It must be examined not only cholesterol, sugar, urine, blood pressure, but also do counts and liver tests.

Diet to lower cholesterol

Avoid the use of butter, animal fats, cream, fat dairy products. Eat lean meat, fish, vegetables, whole grain bread, cereal. They are a source of fiber, which reduces cholesterol.

It is also important movement that burns bad cholesterol and increases the quantity of good.

What drugs?

When cholesterol is a little bigger, it will help diet alone, but when the results are worse and you have high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorder, liver, in addition to preparations for the disease, you need to take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins.

Xanthomata should disappear themselves. As it usually happens. If you do not disappear, they can be eliminated by using laser treatment.


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