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What is a face lift?

A face lift - what is?

Each of us certainly would like to enjoy the beautiful and young appearance for many years. However, with the passage of time, our body and facial features change and become visible signs of aging.

The skin loses its firmness, limp and falls, and face wrinkles appear. These are not only the effects of time, but also other factors such as stress, or sunlight. If we want to significantly improve their appearance in the ideal situation may be a face lift, or surgery involving the removal of excess flabby, falling and wrinkled skin face and neck. As a result, the skin is stretched and smoothed wrinkles and less visible.

This type of surgery usually lasts one and a half to six hours. Cutting is carried out from the temple area, along the front edge of the pinna, then the ear lobe and goes back into her hair. If operated it is also the neck, a small incision is made under the chin.

Excess skin is removed, and then the surgeon introduces a drain to drain fluid that might accumulate under the skin and complicate the healing of wounds. The procedure is performed usually under general anesthesia.

A face lift is used in both women and men

An uncontrolled treatment must be healthy physically and mentally. These types of operations are performed most often in people between the ages of forty to sixty years. A face lift can be used, but also in younger patients, whose skin flabby, and the signs of aging have occurred earlier than usual. Also, people in their sixties can undergo the procedure, if permitted by the state of their health.

After a face-lift

After surgery, the patient stays in the hospital one or two days. After this time are deleted introduced under the skin drains. Bandages are removed between the third and fifth day after surgery. If the seams are applied to the insoluble notch is carried out after about seven days. Recovery should last about two weeks, and during this time should avoid excessive physical exertion.

After the treatment the face is swollen, and sometimes may also appear bruises. It is also possible numbness of the skin and pain. The final result will be visible after complete resolution of swelling. The face will regain a youthful appearance and signs of aging will be less noticeable. If there is a necessary procedure can be repeated. Lifting effect should last for about 5-10 years.


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