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Acupressure for sleep

Acupressure treatment for insomnia

Acupressure is a traditional method of treatment derived from a Chinese natural medicine. Today we know how to exploit its advantages in the treatment of insomnia.

Before you even begin to apply acupressure ...

Make sure to fulfill the following requirements:

- Your hands should be clean and nails so short that the pressure receptors did not cause you pain;
- Try to get a comfortable position, try to stretch as the smallest group of muscles;
- The temperature in the room should be warm, follow your feelings here;
- The room should be properly aired;

- Cut off from sources of unwanted noise - turn off the music, close the window if you interfere with sounds from the street or change the room where you are.

How to find the receptors?

Receptors know the feeling of tingling, pain, or mild discomfort after needling. Receptors exhibit an increased sensitivity to touch, in comparison to the other sites of the body. I'll show you now, over which receptors work to overcome insomnia for good.

Receptor on the wrist

It is located on the inner side of the wrist at the level of wrinkles, in line with the little finger (so-called. hole). In the case of this receptor oppression should be strong and resolute. Compress as if you wanted to crush located on it a lump, however, so as not to cause pain.

First start oppress his left hand, then the right (not vice versa). The time of trouble should be between 5 (for beginners) to 10 minutes (for advanced users).

Receptors in the nose

A place where based on his nose glasses are two points receptor. Squeeze them between your thumb and forefinger. Oppression does not have to be strong enough to gently hold your fingers on these points.

The duration of one oppression should not exceed 10 minutes (if you're new to acupressure, you should limit yourself to 5 minutes).

A few important tips

- Cold hands are acupressure - preheat them before starting compressions;
- If you feel muscle fatigue during the tribulation - reduce its strength;
- While acupressure relax, things to your breathing became deeper and slower;
- If in oppressing feel the sensation of radiant heat - well, it means that acupressure works.


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