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Indigestion in pregnancy

Indigestion in women who are pregnant

Indigestion can not be downplayed, but I do not need to immediately go to the doctor. However, there are situations in which the symptoms of indigestion should prompt us to visit. Speaking mainly about children and for pregnant women.

Children have weaker immune systems and more delicate digestive tract. As for pregnant women, it is known that they are in a particular state that requires special care not only about themselves but also about the child in the womb.

It is not always indigestion has its base in too rich or unhealthy meals. Sometimes the cause may lie a little deeper, and if they relate to pregnant women, the dyspepsia may simply be very dangerous both to the woman herself and for her child. First of all, a woman should be closely monitored. If you notice at each other symptoms such as feeling of fullness after a meal bright and cheerful and tightness in the abdomen, then there is no reason to panic yet.

But if the feeling is accompanied by a long period of time, it is a kind of alarm prompting to perform a medical examination. In pregnancy it is better to raise the alarm in vain, than to risk the health and life of the child and their own. If, however, we have to deal with worsening symptoms, such as heartburn, a feeling of disgust in the mouth, stomach hyperacidity, disorders in passing stool or even diarrhea and vomiting, you should immediately see a doctor.

Not only indigestion

Perhaps because it is a result of indigestion, but there is a danger that it is not only indigestion, but something much more serious. Indigestion usually occurs after eating a meal too rich or too healthy meal. Typically, it also disappears after a short time.

You can of course in this situation apply measures indigestion, which are available in pharmacies without a prescription, but for women who are pregnant should consume these measures is essential to consult with your doctor. The most benign means that in healthy subjects and in women who are not pregnant do not cause any side effects and are effective in pregnant women can pose some threat.

Therefore, drug use should be discussed with your doctor pregnant. It is worth noting that the cause of indigestion is not limited to the very rich meal. This is because if it persists for a long time, it may be a symptom of diseases such as gastric ulcer, or duodenal ulcer, cancer symptom in one part of the gastrointestinal tract, a disease associated with the pancreas, a disease associated with the liver or the biliary system. How dangerous can be a disease for man - needless to say.

Indigestion risk for pregnant women

If the speech is about women in pregnancy, both for them and for their child, growing up under the heart, we have to talk about a much greater risk. This is precisely the main reason that a pregnant woman should not underestimate any symptoms associated with dyspepsia, as early diagnosis of any serious illness gives you a better chance of recovery and reduces the risk of pregnancy.

Diagnosis indigestion, if it lasts long enough, comes down to perform several basic types of research. Certainly ultrasound scans can already give us the answer to what is the cause of indigestion. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to perform other tests.  Among other things, it should be noted here gastroscopy, manometry, or testing stool for the presence of different kinds of dangerous parasites.


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