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Can thyroid problems cause hair loss

Hair loss in thyroid diseases

The weakening of the hair or baldness occurs in many ailments. Usually it indicates a lack of some substance in the body necessary for the proper condition of the scalp and hair follicles. Any longer or serious disease or condition of reduced immunity may result in deterioration of the condition of the hair.

Depending on the degree of our commitment to taking care of appearance we accept this more or less, but the massive hair loss always worried. And rightly so - even if the outside do not notice any other symptoms, it should always be an alarm signal!

Forums and blogs dedicated to thyroid disease and this gland is multiple entries of people who thanks to hair loss have asked the doctor, were directed at testing thyroid hormone levels and diagnosed ailment that untreated he would become more and more serious! However, even if we already know what ails us, this does not solve the problem.

Causes of hair problems in thyroid diseases

Of course this is the start of treatment, the aim of which is to restore proper levels of thyroid hormones condition of the hair starts to improve. However, we can speed up the process. It should do this, because you know that hair loss badly affects our psychological well-being and assess their attractiveness. Watching getting thicker and nicer hair will signal to the patient that the treatment works, and that really goes back to health! So I advise to address this problem and taking some time for hair care, especially since there are many methods less troublesome and time-consuming.

The cause of hair problems in the thyroid disease is a disorder of metabolism: the hyperthyroidism too fast, so the hair is aging at an accelerated pace, with the hypothyroidism and too slow, so do not get the right amount of necessary substances. Hormonal medications will retard the cause, but weakened hair should be strengthened. Remember that almost dead from two to six years - not worth the wait until grow new! Improve the condition of hair can be achieved in several ways.

How to improve the condition of hair?

First, we try to provide the body with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals - if there is not enough hair and complexion are not in good shape. To do this, you need to take care of a large amount of vegetables, fruits, fish and milk in the diet. You can also take oral supplements, especially composed in order to strengthen the hair.

They contain many vitamins (especially A and E) and minerals and herbal extracts. Often recommended is a natural extract of horsetail. You must also drink a lot of water. These methods do not take a lot of time and contribute to good health of the body.

Another way is to use special hair care products. On the market there are many shampoos, conditioners and masks, to prevent hair loss and contribute to the improvement of their condition. Their special formula restores balance to the scalp, strengthens hair follicles and regenerates the structure of existing hair.

For this purpose, preparations can also be used to rub the hair (purchasing or homemade). One proven way is the home of the head rubbing the juice of black turnip, cosmetic kerosene (sold in the pharmacy) or overlapping masks yeast.

It is also important not to unnecessarily pull and break the weakened hair. Comb them gently (I advise the use of nutrients to facilitate combing hair - dramatically reduces their loss!), Preferably with a soft brush with bristles (avoid a fine-toothed combs or metal brushes). Do not pull too much hair rubber bands or paper clips strong - at the same time always the weakest hair to fall out.

Compliance with these rules will provide us with a visible improvement in hair after a few weeks. And after half a year the hair will be as beautiful as before the illness. Consider the extension of this treatment, even after recovering from thyroid well-groomed hair is an important part of a healthy, attractive appearance.


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