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Acne in adults

Problems with adult acne

Pimples and blemishes are usually associated with adolescence. Meanwhile often they do not fade away with final exams or master's degree, or start to harass people in their thirties.

Is it possible to defend against it?

Skin upset

Natural action of the skin is continuously formed protective layer. Tallow secretion, determined advertising of cosmetics sonorous Latin term "sebum" is in the right amounts necessary to the skin sufficiently elastic, resistant to pollution and infection and impair the low or high temperature. Only disturbances in the secretion of mucus cause the skin continues to look good.

Restore balance and get rid of acne

If your forehead and nose "light up" and under the skin is full of lumps, you do not solve the problem by wiping the face of a potent liquid containing alcohol (or, worse, simply with an alcohol wipe). In any case, do not touch or "squeezing" blackheads - it threatens ugly scars, skin infection and the severity of symptoms!

Instead, help your skin maintain its protective layer in good condition. It will make the pores, which are found in the skin will be narrower and free of dirt, and the skin will not be oily or dry.

What to do to acne passed?

Follow these tips, and your acne will cease to be a problem for you:

- Morning and evening use to wash your face tonic alcohol-free (ladies - first evening make-up remover milk) with acidic. This will reduce the oiliness of the skin and will act as a barrier to bacteria. Avoid washing the face with soap and its contents, because they have a basic reaction, causing skin irritation.

- Before bed, apply on face moisturizer with the content of fruit acids. Morning lubricate the face cream with sunscreen (SPF 60) and in the months of no sunshine - hydrating, fat-free gel. Greasy creams are allowed only on cold days!

- Ultraviolet radiation damages the skin, so opt out tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed. Even if it happened, that with the advent of tan diminished for a time of pimples on your face, back or neck, they will remember that the problem does not disappear. Also note that the skin prone to acne is particularly vulnerable to burns!

- Use effective, but gentle facial scrub twice a week. Instead of looking for the most "granular" mixture in a drugstore, select peeling enzyme or gommage (abraded like rubber).

- Two or three times a month, go to a beautician or alone at home imposition of a mask with green clay.


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