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Starving to lose weight

Is starving is good for weight loss?

It seems that to lose weight you need to eat less. Some treat it radically and conclude that it is best not to eat anything. But is it really a starvation diet is a good way to lose weight? Learn more about fasting and their application in our guide. We invite you to read.

Fasting is a term for short-term abandonment of food. It can be religiously motivated, and then is called fasting (eg, daily fasting during the Muslim Ramadan), poor health or a desire to lose weight.

It should not be confused with eating disorders such as anorexia or anorexia. fasting simply means giving up eating strictly temporary. Of course, at this time adopted in fluids - the type depends on the type of fasting. Something very similar to a starvation diet is short mono component, such as juice or apple.

Another diet-like, in fact, hunger is a radical reduction diet, which consumed a day less than 1000 calories, less than the body needs at the same vital functions. Learn more about these methods and explore the question of whether it is a good way to lose weight.

Starving  - yes or no?

Let's start with the fact that the hunger strike is not at all a way to lose weight and nei this is its objective! So why is it for? Fasting is a way, yes, controversial! to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Sentences on it are divided. Some doctors and nutritionists, especially proponents of alternative and natural methods say that the coincidence in all the great religions and in almost every culture are valid ritual and religious periods of fasting or abstaining from food. In their view, this injunction is motivated health - some of the time should cleanse your body by fasting.

Of course, fasting can not be ill - it is only for healthy people and adults, its length should be determined by a physician. Do not start fasting from day to day.

Should precede the days when we eliminate from your diet the most difficult to digest, unhealthy and calorie products. Sam fasting means that we do not eat any solid food, but you need to drink plenty of fluids, which helps detoxification. In the first three days of fasting it is recommended to drink herbal aids digestion and diuretics, can drink weak tea and mineral water with lemon or mint.

On the fourth day, there are liquids such as diluted juices, vegetable and fruit. usually hunger strike lasts more than a week. On the seventh day shall be the first foods, for example, cooked and mixed vegetables, light soup, a cup of broth, etc.. After fasting is required a week of slow introduction of the new dishes.

During the fasting person is usually weak, it should be so at this time to take a vacation, a lot of sleep, relax, or walk. How does starvation diet for weight loss? It is a good introduction to it, because it cleanses the body. Before dieting should, however, make a brief hunger strike, lasting from one to three days. Longer fasting as part of a weight loss leads to metabolic disorders and yo yo. In addition, the uncontrollable hunger strike weaken the body, which is reflected on the state of the skin, hair and nails.

Mono diet to lose weight

Mono diet differs little from fasting. Very popular is the juice diet, which consists in the fact that for several days, drinking only vegetable and fruit juices, freshly squeezed, diluted mineral water. In addition, drinking water and herbal infusions. Such a diet provides much more calories than regular fasting and should not be used as a method to lose weight, because it has the same disadvantages as dieting fasting.

The same applies to the diet mono component, which lies in the fact that for five to seven days eat only one selected calorie product: for example, only an apple, or only low-fat yogurt or only cabbage soup. Such a diet is not a method for losing weight, because it interferes with the metabolism causes yo-yo effect and makes weight loss is the result of dehydration and mass violations of muscle tissue, and fat mass remains unchanged.

Very low in calories

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie them just six calories a day! That's less than an adult uses for vital functions such as heart rate, breathing and other. The effects can be seen with the naked eye - beautiful woman is once gaunt haggard, no visible wrinkles and dry skin.

Very low-calorie diet deregulate the work of the body and makes the metabolism is affected by what ends up yo-yo effect, and so rapid weight gain after the weight loss. In addition, the radical reduction of the number of calories can lead to dangerous eating disorders such as anorexia. Besides eating so little depriving your body of vitamins and minerals, which quickly is reflected on the beauty and accelerates the aging process. So this is not a good way to lose weight.


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