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Herbs for insomnia

How herbs are best to treat insomnia?

Thing you absolutely need to check for problems with sleep, are herbs. Even the ancients knew the healing properties of herbal infusions and boldly using their advantages.

Angelica for insomnia

Angelica - this little-known plant has a calming and relaxing, is also used by rheumatic pain, nerve pain and inflammation of nerve roots.

Preparation of the infusion is trivial - just one teaspoon of leaves pour boiling water (a half cup) and then wait for about 20 minutes.

Kava for insomnia

Kava is very rarely used drug for insomnia. I am surprised, because its effectiveness is very high. Kava is a sedative effect and is relaxing after ingesting it feels muted and absolutely quiet.

Kava is not consumed as infusion, but as a dietary supplement in capsules. You can buy it in pharmacies.

Chamomile for insomnia

Chamomile is not only a great herb to free us from insomnia, but also is helpful in treating muscle pain and headaches. Additionally, chamomile can be used to wash eyes and wounds due to its soothing.

Preparation is simple - a teaspoon of chamomile should pour boiling water and wait about half an hour.

Melissa for insomnia

Melissa is probably the most widely used natural specific insomnia. Preparation of the infusion is very easy - just a teaspoon of crushed leaves of lemon balm pour boiling water and wait about half an hour.

Alternatively, you can pour the lemon balm leaves a bottle of white wine (always white!) And leave in a dark place for 72 hours.

Nutmeg for insomnia

Nutmeg is rarely used in the treatment of insomnia in Europe, in contrast to the eastern countries. Is soothing and calming, it is useful for rheumatic pains. Be careful not to overdo it with the amount consumed nutmeg, because in large quantities has strong psychoactive (humanly speaking - behaves like a drug).

Preparing knob to nutmeg for consumption is already difficult. It should be wiped off the knob and the resulting powder into four portions. In the evening, you should consume one serving mixed with water.

Alternatively, the knob can be added to milk with honey.


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