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Easy food to digest

Easy to digest foods

In recent years in particular have become popular healthy nutrition. As a primary factor in the proper metabolism are considered to supply the body with foods that are high in fiber.

But what if we eat in this way, we apply strict guidelines, and our figure not only looks healthy, but also begin to suffer from all sorts of digestive problems and even abdominal pain?

Perhaps for some reason our digestive system is particularly delicate. This may be due surgeries, peptic ulcer, intestinal diseases, problems caused by advanced age, or irritations caused by intoxication.

It should then consider the solution that is easily digestible diet. For some people it is a solution in time, ad hoc basis, for others it can become a permanent way of eating. It consists mainly, in order not to burden the body hard digestible foods. Characteristic of this diet is that it is often nourished, at least 5 times a day, but in small amounts. Of course, the golden rule, which we also know from other diet, is not taking food for at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Easily digestible diet

The diet of easily digestible avoid foods rich in fiber, flatulence, and heavy and Those That triggers excessive production of gastric juices. So we do not eat all sorts of wholemeal bread, fatty foods, nuts, bran, cherries, stew, margarine, plums, mushrooms, buckwheat, sodas, burgers and cheese, etc.

That of the products should be taken should include: butter, olive oil, small cereal and pasta,
strawberries, white rice, raspberries, lean white cheese, wheat bread, mashed potato, fish and poultry. It is also important way of preparing food, avoid frying it steaming. Besides, we have it dispense with savory spices and fancy herbal spices. Unfortunately, this diet is no place for alcohol and cigarettes.

Conducted properly, easily digestible diets May be a simple cure for our long-term problems. It requires a lot of sacrifices, but it can make a Significant contribution to the improvement of our health and Therefore quality of life. Especially We should keep this in mind.

A sample menu in the diet of easily digestible

Breakfast: wheat bread with butter, lean sirloin, tomato, weak tea.

Second breakfast: kaiser roll with cream cheese and jam, fruit drink.

Lunch: barley soup, meatballs with meat chicken in dill sauce, rice, cooked carrots, strawberry compote.

Afternoon snack: apple jelly, biscuits.

Dinner: casserole with vegetables and pasta, fruit tea.

Known culinary techniques most widely used are: boiling water or steam. You can also apply baking in foil or parchment. Frying fat in a conventional manner is completely excluded from the diet easily digestible. However, you can "fry" eg. eggs on hand.

The frying steam may only be used butter. Big apply the so-called. puddings with meat, fish, rice or pasta and meat, cheese, vegetables and others. Tenderness puddings are achieved by carefully grinding products loosening by adding the soaked bread or semolina and always whipped foam of egg white.


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