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How to improve brain function?

Improve brain

The speed of information processing in the brain more or less than 30 years of age usually slows down. Do not worry - there are ways to prevent it :)

The brain likes outdoor activities

More precisely, breathe fresh air, which is dominated by negative ions.

Warning! Air molecules negatively charged occurring around each falling drop of water (eg. After a storm), improve mood and stimulate creativity. The higher the level of negative ions around us, including the lower brain levels of serotonin (the hormone responsible for the drowsiness).

So let's take advantage of every moment for a walk, cycling or running outdoors, especially after heavy rain.

Proper diet for the brain

It affects the quality of work of the brain and nervous system, speed of reaction, well-being and mood.

B vitamins

They regulate the activity of the entire nervous system. Their sources are:
  • wholemeal bread;
  • thick cereal;
  • Oatmeal;
  • pistachios;
  • walnuts;
  • legumes.
Warning! No vitamins of this group can result in weakness and problems, and to concentrate, insomnia and distraction.

Reach even after lecithin, which improves the working of the brain (called a fuel for the mind). You can find it in fish, soy and soy products, egg yolks, peanuts, chocolate, and sprouts.

Brain training

Crossword puzzles and charades is a great mind training.

Warning! These entertainment improve memory, they learn to think, as a new approach to known issues. If you are already a master at any game, find a new challenge, something I need to work, because only in the brain form new connections between neurons. When you perform the same actions constantly - impulses run fixed paths are not created for them new.

Excellent rehabilitation

It is also worth mentioning here that the mental entertainment (especially a jigsaw puzzle) are a great tool for rehabilitation, eg. for people who have undergone stroke, and again need to regain skills such as attention, concentration, color recognition.

Warning! These are called. cognitive function, which improves solving puzzles.

Tend to be among the people

According to the researchers, the risk of developing dementia disease, dementia or Alzheimer's disease is up to 60% lower than 0, if you are a sociable person, regularly meet with friends, take part in family meetings, subscribed to the discussion clubs, widening the circle of friends.

Presumably this is because the contacts are conducive to the production of inflammatory chemicals in the brain and prevent the accumulation of stress hormones.

Warning! People cultivate social contacts fall significantly better in tests of memory and concentration skills.

Travel also good for the brain

The brain very keen gets lazy, because he can not allow. The more challenges you put your mind, the more perfect will be operated.

Warning! Traveling is one of those challenges, but on the condition that you will develop yourself route, buy tickets, go for accommodation, find the things that are worth seeing, you'll learn a few phrases in a foreign language. This makes brain neurons creating new connections.

A wise diet and nutritional supplements for the brain

In essence, it consists of a fat DHA. It is part of the omega-3. You can deliver it with food.

Warning! An excellent source of omega-3 (including DHA) are marine fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel and cod.

You do not want to or can not eat fish? A good solution will then supplements with omega-3.

Joyfully a year-round vitamin D3. The majority of people, especially after the age of 65, has a deficiency of this vitamin. It has been proven that this substance may be about 69% lower risk of Alzheimer's and dementia by 53%.

The new technology also good for the brain

It is in the open. Game (eg. on a computer, tablet) improve the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex (there is accumulated knowledge of acquired skills).

Warning! It has been proven that training, which uses video games improves performance in tasks that require visual attention, including attention and intelligence. Remember, however, that you can not spend at the computer too much time. Just 3-5 hours per week.

Sleep important for the brain

Deficiency sleeps causes a worse job of the prefrontal cortex, and therefore the brain is focused only on the basic activities of life.

Warning! Gambit night or attempt habits body to less sleep, it ignores the important stages of the sleep cycle, in which some neurons regenerate and perpetuate the acquired information and skills.

During sleep, the brain also becomes purified, so that works better.


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