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Bariatrics weight loss

Bariatrics helps in weight loss

What is obesity, and for what, dangerous to life and health consequences can result? Is obesity can be treated, and if so, how? Find out how the treatment of obesity, which is bariatrics.

Obesity is a serious but often underestimated disease. Ignored or imported solely to the issue of gluttony, or weak character, it becomes a silent killer and the reason for the huge complexes. It combines not only the physical suffering, the great increase in the risk of various diseases, but also mental suffering. Bariatrics, that obesity treatment can deal with these problems.

Diet or bariatrics? Methods of treating obesity

Obesity can be treated in several ways. The main course, is traditionally understood slimming. A person with weight problems should go to a nutritionist or independently analyze your diet. The specialist will determine optimal patient healthy for him, jeopardizing the body with diet and recommend a move. This will lead to a situation of negative calorie balance and slow weight loss.

Diet and exercise are effective in virtually one hundred percent of the cases. Of course, if used strictly according to guidelines and principles. The requirement of precise adherence to the diet can not be implemented without extremely strong will of the patient. And this is the biggest drawback of this method of treatment of obesity.

Bariatrics definitive treatment for obesity

If your diet does not work and at the same time there is no chance that in the future something will change in this regard, it remains a last resort. Extremely effective, but also burdened with some danger bariatric procedures are used more often.

Bariatric surgery involves mechanically reducing the volume of the stomach. It can be conducted in various ways - choice of method is left to a doctor who performed the operation. This type of medical intervention is only suitable for treating obesity in a very obese patients, and in the case of ineffectiveness of other methods.

Indication for a BMI greater than 40 (in case of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other serious illnesses greater than 35) as well as health problems which result from obesity. Most mental illnesses disqualify a patient, there is, however, among them depression.

Bariatrics is a very good way to treat obesity. As all operations it combines with some risk - is a large, invasive surgery, exposing the patient to the occurrence of complications.

However, very often the possible advantages of having to be the result of carrying out surgery far outweigh the risks resulting therefrom. Therefore, unless your doctor recommends such a solution, we should not shy away from him - he can significantly improve the quality of life of obese person!


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