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Breakfast cocktails

What a good breakfast?

Are you one of those people who choose to work in the morning without breakfast, then quickly drink a cup of coffee and eat what is at hand, and in the evening catching up all the decent, big dinner?

Many of us do so. But this is a very unhealthy, fattening and deprive us of energy, instead of adding forces.

Food at the end of the list of important issues

We live in a big race trying to combine many different roles and accept a lot of responsibilities. Therefore, most often we forget that healthy, regular eating is our duty to ourselves.

And if not, we will keep taking care of your body eventually will run out of and then any important duties of the to-do list is not being implemented as it should be. That's why a healthy diet is the foundation of efficiency in life and at work. It is worth remembering.

What does it mean healthy breakfast

There are foods that give you energy and those that consume it. The main meal is served each day. It should be balanced so that gave us strength. In a properly composed breakfast should include carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes and vitamins.

A good set is a dark grainy bread, ham and tomato. More demanding satisfy toast with avocado paste and lemon juice or hummus. Strengthening work very classic porridge. But what if there is no time to prepare a meal?

Fast and well

The perfect choice for busy are becoming increasingly popular cocktails. To prepare just an ordinary blender or mixer, and inventory oatmeal, sesame seeds, wheat germ, nuts, almonds, fruit and dairy products or buttermilk, kefir or curdled milk.

Shopping can be done once at the beginning of the week, then every day to compose another firm backer on its feet cocktail. Are you missing energy? Take a glass of sour milk, a banana, 2 cubes of chocolate, a handful of almonds, a teaspoon of honey.

Mix and drink.

You will get a dose of vitamins, trace elements and minerals needed for the proper functioning of your mind and nerves. Do you want to clean up the toxins? Mix kefir, kelp powder (available at any retail store eco), avocado, wheat germ and oatmeal. This breakfast is a healthy, well-fed, even men, and its preparation takes maybe 3 minutes.

How to develop new, healthy eating habits?

It should prepare products the day before and to carefully plan the next day's breakfast, regardless of whether it be a traditional meal or cocktail. In the case of the latter, you can buy convenient cup with a lid and a cocktail bring the car and leisurely drink on the way to work. Let's take care of the health and remember that it really restricts us only own ingenuity!


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