Psoriasis head

Psoriasis head - how to deal with it?

Smooth skin and beautiful, strong hair is synonymous with health and perfect appearance. Therefore, the first symptoms of psoriasis are many people like a sentence, especially when there are in a conspicuous place, such as the head. With this disease can, however, fight and effectively, it is important, but consistency.

What exactly is psoriasis? What methods can be used in the fighting? Here is a brief guide.

Psoriasis: know your enemy

Forming cells of our skin and skin lifelong gradually grow and peel off. The entire production cycle, growth and death of the skin takes about four weeks. In the case of a person suffering from psoriasis, the immune system reduces the whole process to four days. Dead cells migrate up the skin forming on the surface of white patches or hard shells, usually surrounded by a red border.

Still ongoing research to explain what exactly is the cause of psoriasis. For now, the main "suspects" are changes in the immune system. It should also be noted that psoriasis is a hereditary disease. If in our family there were people who struggled with this condition, it is possible that it touches us also.

Please note that psoriasis is not a contagious disease! The person a diabetic can safely give a hand, to drink from the same glass or use the same objects.

How to fight with psoriasis?

When psoriasis is properly recognized, should gradually begin therapy. The first step is to clean the skin with patches of dead skin, to which most commonly used ointment with salicylic acid.

When the surface of the skin is cleaned it is applied to the preparations of vitamin D and tar in difficult cases ointment steroid and immunosuppressive. If the Outer therapy has no effect, then it begins to administer oral medications.

In the case of diseases such as psoriasis paramount much it is driven by our lifestyle and diet used. It is eliminated from the meat, pork, hot spices or coffee, but should start to consume products containing unsaturated fatty acids: good quality oils, fish and seafood.

It should also consider using special cosmetics. It is worth remembering that we use cosmetics do not contain harsh detergents, dyes and artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin further.

Find your way

Psoriasis is a disease in which each case should be considered separately. For some it runs smoothly, in others sharply, but regardless of the chosen therapy A suitable therapy can really bring satisfactory results.


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