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Stuffy nose relief

Stuffy nose - household remedies

Even the annoying runny nose can get rid of by simple home methods. They help you not worse, than the drops from the pharmacy, and will be more gentle to the body.

Salt droplets an stuffy nose

Salt is not used arrangement of circulation, but catarrh can it make really good use.

Recipe: pour a teaspoon of sea salt to 1/2 liters boiled, lukewarm water. Mix the solution. Pour a little hollow hand, draw one and then the other nostril. Tilt your head to the solution got deeper. Use morning and evening.

Garlic on a stuffy nose

Spicy cloves always good to have on hand in the season of colds. They will be useful in many ways. They will also help to runny.

Recipe: a few cloves of garlic, peel the husks and cross-section in half. Rub them the inside of the feet and hands, eg. bedtime.

Herbal drink for a stuffy nose

It is recommended to go with allergic rhinitis (eg caused. allergy to dust mites). The author of the provision is about. Andrew Klimuszko.

Recipe: Mix 50 g: bukwicy, mugwort, St. John's wort, violet tricolor, coriander, buckthorn, couch grass, nettle, horsetail, skylight and shepherd's purse. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, cover for 3 hours; Strain and gently reheat.

Drink 3 times a day before meals.

Inhalation of pepper and marjoram for a stuffy nose

Residual thins mucus in the nose (it will be easier for you to blow). Moisturize or mucous membranes, which will increase thanks to its resilience. It provokes sneezing when it came reluctantly.

Recipe: a bowl of warm water, add a handful of dried marjoram. Bend down and cover your head with a towel. 5 minutes inhale fumes nose. Remove the towel, open a bag of pepper, pull the aroma and try to blow your nose (first one, then another hole).

Wrap potato for a stuffy nose

Potatoes can also be a great medium heat. And that's what they need sick bay. Thanks to their heating can reduce inflammation and patency nose.

Recipe: 5-6 potatoes, wash under running water and cook until tender in a shell. Then quickly mash with a pestle or a fork, fold in clean gauze and put the bag material (eg. cotton). Heavily warm (but not stinging) Place the compress on the forehead and hold it as long as it does not get cold. After the wrap, wrap head scarf and do not remove it until the end of the day.


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