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Chronic constipation remedies

What will help constipation?

Constipation is NOT your fault ...

Causes of constipation may be different ... In fact, how many people in the world much more or less similar reasons for constipation, but generally the reason is one. And what's more ... It's not your fault that you have constipation. I'm serious! It's the world around us has changed and my body could adapt to this.

Note that thousands of years ago we ran through the jungle picking up what mother nature has given. Hundreds of years ago the basis for human consumption have been growing vegetables, fruits and cereals ... For centuries we ate products full of natural dietary fiber.

But today, in a world of consumerism and worldly pleasures, these natural foods once relegated to the side. Relatively recently a natural fiber fell out of our diet and the body by way of evolution did not manage to adapt to this. Quite possible that a few hundred years the problem of constipation will not be performed because the body learns to cope with today's food poor in fiber.

Do I therefore encourage you to switch to vegetarianism, or I'll start to interfere with your daily meals to help you combat the problem of constipation? Calmly! None of these things. There is hope for your body and without great sacrifices and turning lives upside down.

Why one-time removal of constipation, not at all solve the problem?

As the car must pass the review once a year, so your intestines should be cleaned regularly.

Being honest with you the pain ... probably in your intestines they sit things that do not fit this in mind.

The rotting remains of food,
Parasites (about 50% of the population has some type of parasite)
Mushrooms (it is estimated that 80% of the population in the intestines yeast)
Poisons and toxic droppings parasites, bacteria and fungi.

And this is just a general list of the different types of residents of your intestines. Each type has a dozen or even several species.

Please think about how huge the amount of energy your body day in and day seems to rein in all the inhabitants of the intestines ... so that you could somehow function.

And now, for a change, see yourself for 2-3 weeks as actively cleanse your colon of all this weight - regularly and consistently. How do you get up in the morning finally well Islands / ny, enjoy the morning, because you know that for a moment in absolute relax your intestines will do a great job and during the 2-minute act will get rid of everything unnecessary ...

Exuding internal energy do anything you want, calmly pursuing their passions and responsibilities, because more energy is more time ... All thanks to the regular care of the colon ...

Who else wants to regain all their energy and get back on track health and happiness?

Disposable rid of constipation is a great step for the changes that will improve the comfort of your entire life, but to permanently get rid of constipation should take care of your intestines comprehensively and regularly take care of it.

Life light and pleasant? It's possible!

Persons who on Internet forums anonymously reveal that 10 years struggling with constipation may seem unrealistic, but you can actually get rid of the problem of constipation, regulate bowel function.

Your reality might look like this:

  • visits to the toilet takes less than 3 minutes;
  • bowel movements is natural and pleasant;
  • You feel a distinct relief around the abdomen;
  • bloating and gas you trade on a feeling of lightness.

As already mentioned, standard methods require a change in eating habits, many sacrifices and work on his whole life. Practically should roll over your life upside down, back to the source and to live like people in the Middle Ages denying yourself all pleasure.

Specialists confirmed

Seeking solutions to the problem of constipation consulted with several specialists. I talked with doctors, nutritionists visited offices. Everybody agrees confirmed that the problem of constipation can be removed naturally by changing your life.

Virtually all of them at once named a long list of things you need in your life to change. I was terrified that you people want to virtually destroy my pleasant everyday recommending a swimming pool, a gym, a fruit and vegetable diet, and many other things ...

At the same time The same specialists confirmed that you can achieve this much easier by using appropriate supplementation of the body. Of course, none of them can not speak about it directly, because their job is to promote healthy eating.

Same with the rest also strongly support healthy eating and try to put them into your life, but I know what are the realities. Do not kid yourself. None of us wants to change his whole life. Especially from day to day. It could not go.

We prefer simple and effective method. About these specialists can not speak directly and openly - a pity. Life would be easier.

Natural way to constipation. And this is not a diet!

I do not want to keep you longer in suspense, because very probably want to know the way already, which I wrote about all this guide. Since you already know that this problem concerns you tight and you know the consequences of ignoring, I can in good conscience recommend a natural way to get rid of constipation.

What's more you do not have to change anything in their diet. Enough to make 3 cups of water and tiny grains contained in dietary Fibre Primvital.

Fibre Primvital is a natural dietary supplement (not chemically processed), which was created to improve bowel function. To clean the walls and free from constipation to facilitate defecation. It is up to a condensed dose of dietary fiber, which as you remember naturally fell out of our diet, so you nourish your body.

100 grams of the product is up to 64 g of dietary fiber. In this way, the daily serving of beans closed Fibre Primvital gives you a dose of dietary fiber corresponding to the small head of cabbage or six carrots, zucchini whole or half a kilo of cucumbers.

Can you imagine eating EVERY day this portion of vegetables and is in addition to what you eat normally? It's almost unreal ...

Additionally, thanks to specially optimized component - husk ispaghula - swelling in the digestive tract, like tiny whisk, Fibre Primvital sweep with your gut all you should every day to leave your body. But…

WARNING! Do something more and win with constipation for good!

I want to be with you completely honest, because I care for your relief. If you do not have the effect that all the hours that I spent writing this guide will go for nothing. Therefore, listen carefully.

Especially when very strong and bothersome constipation should increase the power of Fibre Primvital additional water.

Instructions on the box says:

"Usage: Twice a day the measure scoop (contained in the package) 6 g of the product mix with a glass of water, wait 3 to 5 minutes and drink before the meal"

In addition, I recommend you in specific cases:

Get up in the morning, drink small sips a glass of lukewarm water. Prepared in accordance with the instructions glass of water with Fibre Primvital, drink and over the next half an hour to drink another glass of lukewarm water. Repeat the same evening.

So just a simple supplementation supplemented with additional water. This is a proven method that will increase the effectiveness Fibre Primvital and make it will be particularly effective in removing constipation. Even if you have a problem with them for years.

Here you order your package Fibre Primvital»

Why is regular and light defecation is critical to your overall health?

Did you know that 75% of the body's immune cells are located in the digestive tract? Few people know that if the intestines are dirty (which is the majority of the members of societies in developing and developed countries), it also pollutes the blood. Together they are contaminated with blood cells throughout the body.

From what is happening in the digestive system depends on your whole life. It can not be long-term cure any disease if you do not cleanse the colon.

Especially large problem is the overgrowth of yeast living in our digestive system.

The World Health Organization released a report which shows that humanity has never before been so threatened mycoses. Various types of parasites are over 50%, the fungus is over 80% of the population!

If I quoted you a list of symptoms caused by overgrowth of Candida albicans, I guarantee that you would find at least 5, in which you exist. Just food without fiber, with preservatives, poorly chewed and mixed drinks is the perfect food for these organisms.

In practice, it is not Candida itself harm your body. The problem is the toxic droppings and perforations (commonly holes) of the intestinal walls, which creates it grows its fungal form. It consequently contaminate your entire body.

Dear friend, dear friend (if I may so call it)!

You already know that constipation is no joke. You can not go on living pushing a solution to this problem for later. You also can not solve it only once in a while, when it becomes too annoying.

The only reasonable solution is to supplement your diet thanks to a specially designed supplement - Fibre Primvital. Thanks to a few glasses of water with Fibre Primvitalevery day except casual "pile" get much greater gift:

a lot of energy and full of health.

Take your health into your own hands, starting with the easiest and fastest changes to: get rid of constipation as soon as possible using Fibre Primvital, complementing it with two glasses of water (before and after eating).

Order Fibre Primvital Here»

What's next?

Thank you for your attention, and I believe that tuopisane tips will help you in everyday life. Most important, however, it is at the moment your actions. Maximize knowledge stored here and change your life for even healthier. I know that the action by the revolution rarely proves to be effective, which is why I suggested you to use a simple method that brings excellent results.


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