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How often should i wash my hair?

Washing hair - how often?

The basis of hair care is their washing. It is often for us as a mechanical activity that you do not wonder exactly how it should look like. However, by the fact that they regularly wash your hair should adapt the rite to our needs.

Some history

Interesting is the fact that the idea of ​​washing hair every day at home is very recent. Even in the fifties of the twentieth century, women washed their hair once a week on the occasion of being a barber. At the beginning of the last century, people visited the hairdresser once a month or even less frequently. We must also remember that these data cover only part of society.

Expert opinions

Sentences on the frequency of washing hair is divided. Some experts say that daily cleaning of bands using shampoo and water enhances the secretion of sebum, the skin because it defends itself in this way against excessive drying. Others argue that such a ritual is advisable to clean the head of a layer of sebum and thus prevent hair loss. There are even those people for whom the best solution is to go back to the fifties, or washing bands every week.

At the beginning of the XXI century in the Australian television program showed a man who claimed he did not wash his head for ten years. Inspired by the audience (several hundred people) followed in his footsteps. Most of them, after a long period did not feel neither improvement nor deterioration of the appearance or condition of hair.

You can see that the answer to the question - how often should you wash your hair? - There are many. In addition, opinions on this issue are quite extreme.

Own experience

The easiest and best way to find an answer to the title question, to draw conclusions from their own experience. You have to look at the hair, we have to determine what kind. Then take a look at their reactions to frequent washing and rarer.

If you have oily hair, it is best to wash them every day, and certainly often enough to keep them clean. With this problem often we have a problem with acne or a shiny, oily complexion quickly.

Problems associated with the face should make us aware that just reacts hairy part of the skin. If not facials section, they appear on the spots, or the pores are formed and contaminate the inflammation. Likewise, when we superfat hair, which is equivalent to the appearance of a layer of sebum on the scalp, large amounts of sebum clog follicles, so they can cause the hair will fall out and not grow back.

With dry and normal hair we should adjust the washing head to suit your needs and tastes. There are no contraindications or to wait until the hair is oily. This can be done eg. During illness or holidays. Some believe that such an operation moisturize and strengthen the hair. I think it's worth a try, because there is always a chance that we are gone positively.

Not only on the type of hair, but also from our efforts on them depends on how often you should wash your hair. If we put on no cosmetics refresher we should as soon as possible time to wash them away. Each of them, even the least burdensome hair, leave on the skin and jumbled remains, or foreign bodies which irritate the head.

For daily ritual of washing the head, whether it is due to greasy hair, or because daily styling, we need to use more delicate specifics. Washing strong shampoo too often can cause a complete get rid of the layer of sebum from the skin surface, and call it a defensive reaction, which secrete large amounts of sebum, which already can not help themselves easily.

Water - the problem

Remember that the washing head does not need to be carried out wet. There are on the market cosmetics, by which our skin avoid contact with water, which is often a cause of allergic reactions. Therefore, the poor tolerance of water through our skin, we need not give up the frequent washing of the head.

Divided opinions on the effects of daily cleaning, prompted us to carry out their own practices and regulate this fundamental step in the care of the needs of our hair and sense of aesthetics.


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